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The One World Bowl is held yearly in Emsdetten, Germany. It is presented by the non-profit USA Select National Youth Football League Inc. The goal is to bring U.S. football players to other countries where American football is growing, to promote friendship with athletes in other countries, and to give international youth teams the chance to play American athletes.

The One World Bowl will be held April 3- April 7, 2024. Visit for details on this football game series.

The Team America travel football exhibition team represents the USA at the One World Bowl, and is made up of American high school players. to learn about the team.

“DoDEA students living in Europe are encouraged to apply for Team America!”

This year, Head Coach Vince Buggs is hoping for military student participation. It will be the first time overseas DoDEA high school students will be represented with Team America.

American DoDEA football players interested in the incredible opportunity to showcase their skills and love of the game should visit for details.

A former military brat and previous assistant head coach at Kaiserslautern High School (1995-1996), Buggs took over as Head Coach of Team America this year and noticed the lack of military student participation. He has opened the roster to DoDEA football players and would love to see these underrepresented athletes get the chance to participate.

Email for details, or to express interest in signing up. Coach Buggs will need the following information:

1. Player Name

2. Age and Grade

3. Email address

4. City/State

5. Position(s) you play

6. Height/Weight

7. Parent name and email

The following travel details have been provided:

  • Those wanting to tour Europe prior to the event (Participants and traveling parent or parents) should depart on March 28th, 2024 for arrival in Germany on March 29th. It is suggested that those wishing to tour should stay in Frankfurt for ample use of the rail to visit France, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc. before moving on to Emsdetten for the event. On April 2nd in Emsdetten/Munster, arriving participants/parent(s) will be greeted by OneWorld Bowl Game (OWBG) Staff Volunteer. Return flights should be scheduled for April 8th.

  • Arriving in Emsdetten/Munster, participants/parent(s) will be directed to awaiting OWBG chartered bus for transportation to hotel from Munster Airport or Emsdetten train station. The bus will be at the airport to pickup OWBG travelers from more than one flight arriving short time apart. The bus will wait for the next flight if within the hour.

  • OWBG travelers will check-in to their hotels. A gathering may be scheduled for that evening to discuss touring. (TBD).

  • Friday - Tuesday is free time for OWBG travelers to tour Frankfurt, around Germany, or other countries in the EU.

  • Wednesday morning the buses will begin pickup at the hotels for transport to Player/Team Check-in. Teams may also conduct a lite practice later that afternoon.  A Meet & Greet and a German BBQ will follow the Check-in. All Team America travelers will receive a “BBQ Ticket” for food and drink. (This is included in your fee). Following the days activities, the charter buses will depart back to the hotels.

  • Thursday - Saturday morning the charter will arrive at the hotels to transport players, coaches, and parents to the stadium for the scheduled games. Charter buses will depart to the hotels within one hour after the last game of each country.

  • Sunday morning the charter will arrive at the hotels to transport players, coaches, and parents to the stadium for the scheduled games. At the conclusion of Sunday games, Team awards, Individual awards, and All-Tournament awards will take place. Charter buses will depart to the hotels within one hour after the closing ceremonies.

  • Charter buses will arrive early Monday morning for the airport and/or train station. It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 3-4 hours prior to departure to insure ample time to ticket, check bags in, and clear security.

  • The Team America player fee is $250. This fee covers the players 2 jerseys and pant, team hoodie, Event Bus Transportation, Insurance, OWBG fee.

  • Each player is responsible for booking their own flights and hotel. The Emsdetten hotels can be found in the menu bar above.

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