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What better way to put a smile on our deployed servicemembers' faces than by writing them a letter? With our Pen Pal Program, your kiddos can do just that.
Pop quiz: What do the cities of Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Hirschhorn and Mannheim have in common? A river runs through them and with endless exciting sights to discover along its banks at that! Our newest installment tracing the course of a German river takes us along the Neckar.

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I don’t think I am alone in slowly building a collection of wine corks, marked with logos and names of wineries in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and elsewhere throughout Europe.
Brrr, it is ever cold out there! On blustery winter days, we can all use a little extra motivation to get us out of doors.
A day of wellness and detox in a German Therme or Italian Terme—luxurious spa facilities offering warm pools, saunas, steam baths, Jacuzzis and other means of pampering—is a welcome treat for body and soul, particularly in the dead of winter.
Parents stationed in Europe with preschool-aged children find that their options for preschools are limited. Preschool education has many beneficial effects for young children and helps them learn many of the skills required for school readiness.

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