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With the holidays right around the corner and everything in the world a little topsy-turvy, why not change up your signature Thanksgiving stuffing recipe?  There’s no better time than the present to add in a new ingredient or change up the seasonings you use.
Want a trip that will stave off the cold of the coming months? Head to the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where Barcelona is waiting.

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“Christmas markets are a magical and amazing life experience.” Living in Europe, chances are this phrase has been uttered by you or to you. For the record, it’s true—they’re both amazing and magical.
Scenario A: It’s hours before your guests are set to arrive and there’s no time to get to the commissary. Scenario B: You are a contractor, retiree or one of Stripes’ readers without an ID card and thus you do all your shopping on the local economy anyway.
Yesterday, as I was mindlessly scrolling social media, a reminder post to check my “memories” popped up and I discovered that it had been exactly one year since I moved from the U.S. to Germany for our first OCONUS move.

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