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Brewing beer is an art form that has taken shape over the last couple of millennia. In Germany, beer is not just a beverage but also a part of its cultural identity.
Aside from the iconic sites in Europe, an area many jet off to when they have been bitten by the travel bug is the Balkans. With a landscape and a culture that differs from western Europe, it’s easy to see why. Below are 6 reasons why everyone should put the Balkans on their travel list.
The concept of what constitutes fun on one’s precious time off is relative. While some servicemembers and civilians will spend their summer vacation kicking back on sun-splashed beaches, others will be kicking up trail dust.
One of the many perks of being stationed in Germany is the ability to easily jet set to different European countries filled with memorable sights, new cities, beautiful beaches or adventurous getaways.
Think German foods all pork knuckle and potatoes? Think again! Germany’s food and drink is widely varied and fiercely regional, and the city of Mainz is incredibly proud of its own culinary traditions.
A visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower tops the itinerary of many who come to Paris. While you can see the tall tower from miles around, you may not know that you can climb up into the latticework and see it from up close.
Carnival. Its name varies by German region, but everywhere the “fifth season” is an opportunity to join throngs of people, flaunt a crazy costume and have one more fabulous party before abstaining for Lent.

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