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It’s time to celebrate!
Stars and Stripes is celebrating its 80th anniversary in Europe this year, and we want you to join in on the festivities with us at sea, courtesy of Celestyal Cruises.
Did somebody say cruise?
Stars and Stripes’ Best of Germany magazine is all about letting your voice be heard! This year, we are celebrating the 10th year of this Germany-centered publication … in Greece! Let’s go cruising!

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Stars and Stripes wants to see your tattoos! We are seeking tattoo models located in Germany for our upcoming Tattoo Armed Forces magazine. All body types, genders, and military branch or affiliation welcome and encouraged. No modeling experience needed.
We have been living in Germany for over seven months now and while I have learned that, thankfully, many locals speak much better English than I do German, it is nice to speak to the locals in their native language.
The Federal Government is the largest U.S. employer with over 2.7 million employees and Walmart is next in line with 2.3 million employees nationwide.
It’s a bright and shiny new year, with goals to set and countless opportunities to take on fresh challenges. Should your tastes lean toward speed, heights or physical exertion, why not put one of these out-of-the ordinary experiences on your to-do list for 2022?

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