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KMC Onstage presents Newsies Jr! 
Pulitzer is raising the cost of papes, and the Newsies are taking the hit. Come watch them stand up to big business and change the world.
See this local youth production at the KCAC on Daenner Kaserne (Bldg 3109).
In our monthly What’s Up magazine, our Editor’s Picks give you a heads-up about eight of the best events going on in Germany. But it’s hard to just pick eight, so here’s a more inclusive list! Each week, we will give you the need-to-know for on-base and regional events.

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This windswept archipelago has striking ocean cliffsides and lush sheep-filled pastures. As the northernmost point in the United Kingdom, it is worth an escape to learn about its beauty and history.
Getting stationed in Europe offers so many opportunities for learning. From language programs to colleges on-base and online, as well as study abroad opportunities, there is something for everyone who wants to expand their knowledge while they are here.
Located 30 minutes from Stuttgart, roughly two-and-half hours from Bavaria or a short eight minutes from the Panzer Main Gate is Böblingen. With classic cars, quirky museums and nature parks, Böblingen has a way for everyone to have a great day.
“A dream is a wish your heart makes” are the iconic lyrics featured in the famous song sung by Cinderella in the classic animated Disney feature film. Since 1937, Disney has been making dreams come true and delighting audiences with animated films containing fascinating and gorgeous scenery.