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What better way to put a smile on our deployed servicemembers' faces than by writing them a letter? With our Pen Pal Program, your kiddos can do just that.
Dear Christmas Markets, "Christkindlmärkte" and "Weihnachtsmärkte,"

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There’s always that one person on your list that is impossible to buy for. It’s me. I am that one person. But, what if you could satisfy your desire to give that person something special while also helping the planet?
If you’ve been searching for an incredible hiking opportunity in Germany, look no further! The Rheinsteig Hiking Trail is a popular hiking destination that stretches for about 200 miles on a dirt path.
Although movement in the U.K. is a bit limited right now, there are some amazing sights to see when we can travel within the country again. Get away from the hustle and bustle of your local area and head to the picturesque southwest region of England.
‘Twas the time before Christmas, and all through the land,
No one was quite sure of what they should plan.
Until the last moment, uncertainty raged,
Would winter’s best pastime, Christmas markets, be staged?

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