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Wondering what to do this weekend? Check out these awesome events happening near you!
Any of us transplanted from the southern United States dread winter in Germany and its gloomy, short days.
It's a myth that suicide ideations are more prevalent during the holidays, but what about after the holidays?
Though the German autobahn may be infamous for its never-ending construction and sneaky speeding cameras, it’s also famous for its high-speed and fast cars speeding their way down the left lane.
Once upon a time, you read bedtime stories of princesses and knights and dreamed of living 800 years ago. Then you awoke in Europe, where the legends began.
Your dad’s milestone birthday. A cousin’s wedding. The birth of your first niece. The need to be with friends in family in times of crisis or celebration.
Sharing borders with Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is a small country with numerous historical sites.
A variety of factors affect whether or not dental care is available for the family of active-duty service members stationed overseas.

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