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Welcome to the U.K. Here is a one-stop checklist to help get you settled in a timely manner:
On Wiesbaden’s doorstep, there’s a unique recreational area that manages to impress even the most demanding of day-trippers.

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An afternoon break for a spot of tea accompanied by some sweet and savory treats to nibble on has been a beloved British tradition since the 1840s, when the Duchess of Bedford, feeling a bit peckish, decided a little snack mid-afternoon was just the thing needed to carry her through to the evenin
As my eyes become uncontrollably heavy at my desk, I can’t help but think to myself, “If only I had slept better last night!” Coffee runs and energy drinks may help you fuel up during the day, but to provide a cheaper and healthier solution, consider these tips for a better night’s sleep.  
Just a two-hour drive from Frankfurt or Nuremberg, or a half-hour’s ride from Würzburg, the regal spa town of Bad Kissingen beckons with splendid scenery, a rich history peopled with famed personalities and healing mineral waters.
So you didn’t go gaga for the asparagus that works Germany into its annual springtime food frenzy. Perhaps you’ll find the next national obsession with seasonal produce more to your taste?

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