Among Germany’s many culinary treats whose English-language names leave much to be desired when translated into English is the Zwiebelkuchen, literally, onion cake. To call it cake is a stretch though, as tart or quiche is a closer approximation to what this treat’s all about.
With pumpkin season in full swing, there is no shortage of the colorful orange gourds. Pumpkins used in baking are usually smaller and are marked for making pie. Here is a tasty and healthy recipe using fall’s bounty.
Now starring in the stands of your local farmer’s market or supermarket shelves near you: a colorful cast of autumn vegetables, just waiting to be discovered and devoured.
Törggelen, a celebration of young wine, chestnuts and feasts, is a great way to experience southern Tyrolean traditions in the fall.
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For backpackers on a budget, the word “hostel” might conjure up thoughts of trying to catch a decent night’s sleep in a vast, dimly lit room filled with the sounds of snores and the restless tossing and turning of countless bo
There’s nothing better than welcoming the fall season with a pumpkin spice latte in your hand and devouring a warm bowl of pumpkin soup. However, why not expand your palette with this delicious three-course menu that will match your favorite fall festival! 
When we spread the word that we were headed to Europe, everyone kept telling us about all the things we should see. All I could think about were all the different foods I wanted to eat. As I was doing my research, it occurred to me that my little ones are not as open to new foods as I am.
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Oktoberfest is over, but Germany's celebration of beer continues into late November and early December. 
Can you believe it’s already September? When the leaves burn orange and gold, and there’s a crisp chill in the morning air, I know it’s time for one thing:  baking!
This summer, my husband and I decided to bike to dinner one evening. We dusted the cobwebs off our bikes, aired up the tires and found our tucked-away helmets.
Collecting souvenirs is an important part of travelling for most people. But how do you avoid tacky figurines of famous landmarks? I found that the best way to get souvenirs that you actually like is to focus your search on a few themes.
Since Oct. 3, 1990 the national holiday of German Unity Day (“Tag der Deutschen Einheit”) has been celebrated. It observes the reunification of East and West Germany following more than 40 years of separation after World War II.
Having left American soil for Europe, you’re adapting to countless new things: customs, languages, currencies, food and so much more. However, an area in which it’s easy to embrace all that newness is in the world of beer.
Comfort foods are dishes that warm you from the inside out — physically and emotionally. Give one of these traditional German eats a try this fall season! 
1. Flammkuchen