When you’re attempting to add more protein into your life, one of the easiest things to reach for is eggs. Eggs are great. They’re easy, versatile and inexpensive.
A healthy night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold. There is no substitute for it. As important as it is, a healthy night’s rest isn't something that is common with the rigors of the modern world.
How’s that goal of dedicating home time solely to worthy pursuits working out? Probably just about as well as ours is. Been wondering how that bedroom wall would look in the latest trend color of Dusty Teal or Ancient Grain? Now’s the time to find out!
On a hot summer’s day, with a big thirst and little appetite for a heavy meal, a dinner that can be thrown together in minutes without the bother of switching on the oven or stove comes as a great relief.
Growing up spending summers on a Wisconsin lake, brats were a lunch and dinner staple, usually in various flavors with cheese or cranberries from Louie’s Finer Meats.
Shopping at the German grocery store can be intimidating. When you don’t speak the language or understand the pricing system, the idea of the commissary as a safe haven is totally understandable.
Once upon a dream, many years ago, we spent some magical days on the Italian island of Capri, our home a humble B&B in the town of Capri proper, right atop the island.
Ice cream is the classic dessert people have loved since they were kids. Although delicious, ice cream does have a bad rep for being unhealthy. What if you could make an all-natural, healthy version of your most desired treat? Well, you’re in luck thanks to banana ice cream!
A trip back stateside to reconnect with family and friends while living in Germany is certainly a cause for celebration. But once you stop to think about all those birthdays and anniversaries you’ve missed, it’s all too easy to get caught up in a shopping frenzy.
As your little ones are starting to enjoy their summer, you might be wondering what you’re going to do to fill the next few months.
With many of their countries topping the list of greatest coffee consumers in the world, Europeans know how to brew a great cup of joe. They also have a knack for creating beautiful and fun coffee shops to serve up their delicious beverages.
One likely won’t find Germans in fisticuffs over which region produces the best sausage; however, bratwurst supremacy is serious business in this country of meat lovers. Germans have been making this ubiquitous food for literally centuries.
The 21st century is truly an amazing era. The world’s mysteries unveiling and scientific discoveries progressing at an exponential rate have made this era truly mesmerizing, not to mention the plethora of disruptive technologies being introduced.
Ahhhhh, summer. Those lazy days that seem to last forever and go by in the blink of an eye at the same time. Endless summer nights, sunshine, and the delicious smell of barbecue permanently in the air. What better time to throw together a party?
When my husband came home a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to get away to the Alps for a weekend, completely funded by the Army, I immediately said, “Yes … But what is the catch?” The “catch” was that we would be attending a chaplain-led marriage retreat called
It’s easy to forget that American national pastimes can look a little odd to our brethren in other countries. Take, for instance, American football—a bunch of burly players throwing and chasing a ball down a field, all while attempting to avoid getting hit and knocked over by the other team.