"In der Weihnachtsbäckerei, gibt es manche Leckerei, Zwischen Mehl und Milch, macht so mancher Knilch, eine riesengroße Kleckerei. In der Weihnachtsbäckerei"
Nothing ushers in the holiday season like baking Christmas cookies. For some families, this is a tradition handed down throughout the generations. For some, it’s simply a love of baking and sharing desserts. For others, it’s a new way to make memories with loved ones. 
Growing up, my family picked out a real Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving each year. Mom touched branches and scrutinized each tree’s fullness, symmetry and height.
The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to outfit foodies with all the tools they need to make cooking more efficient and delicious. Not sure where to start? Here are a few smart ideas.
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On the occasion of the made-up holiday Bathtub Party Day, it’s the perfect day to speak about the wonderful world of Kneipp health and beauty products.
The holidays are quickly approaching and so are the (sometimes much needed) holiday cocktails! This yummy concoction is one my family is anxiously awaiting. It seems to be a bit more Christmas themed, but we’re going to go ahead and break out this bad boy for Thanksgiving.
Closing my eyes to recall holiday memories from my childhood, the moments that stand out the most come alive with scents and flavors I can almost smell and taste right this very second, many Christmases and decades later.
There’s always that one person on your list that is impossible to buy for. It’s me. I am that one person. But, what if you could satisfy your desire to give that person something special while also helping the planet?
The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes cold weather, festive decorations, amazing food and large gatherings.
Heading into the holidays can be both exciting and terrifying. Part of the stress factor comes from food and drink -- specifically, what to serve guests, bring to parties and how to stay healthy and centered through the thick of it.
You walk into work, sit down at your desk and get started on your long list of tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. You glance over at your clock to notice the day is already halfway over. You decide to eat at your desk or skip lunch completely to save time.
While calling Germany home, you’re apt to hear the term Advent used more often than you would stateside.
Wow your friends and family by using a wood pellet grill and smoker to create every dish on your holiday party menu this season.
With these tips and recipes from the chefs at Louisiana Grills, you can craft festive gourmet dishes infused with sophisticated hardwood flavor.
Christmas markets are part of the German cultural experience that make the holiday season particularly special, especially if you can’t spend it with loved ones back home. The markets of Nuremberg and Cologne, for example, are an experience not to be missed!
Holidays mean spending, but you’ve got the discipline to keep it reined in this season. Celebrating with your family doesn’t have to lead to debt, and here’s how to make it a great holiday and maintain financial control.
Control your cash