Fridge magnets, coffee mugs, shot glasses, postcards, beer mats and the list goes on and on: Collecting souvenirs from all the places you go is not only fun, it creates a tangible record of the roads you’ve traveled.
One of the fun parts about traveling throughout Europe is the opportunity to collect different souvenirs from the amazing places you visit. When exploring with kids, you’ll often get pulled in the direction of the nearest gift shop or souvenir stand.
It was 3 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and we were playing board games. It was an overcast, threatening-rain kind of German day and we were craving cozy.
Are you the type of person who appreciates a unique gift from a flea market or a second-hand shop? If you can see the beauty in a pre-loved item with a backstory you can only dream of knowing, chances are your friends are the type of people who feel the same way.
When quarantine began in the spring, people found themselves at home a lot more, which lead to people tackling some of those long-term projects that had been put off due to busy schedules, travel and other challenges that interrupt long-term goals and time-consuming projects.
The end of summer and start to autumn may appear to be the end of gardening season. With less sunlight, freezing temperatures, the last harvest and end of the road for our beloved summer flowers, you may think that it is time to pack it up for the year.
The Americans with Disabilities Act recently marked its 30th anniversary — a major milestone for this landmark Civil Rights law that includes expanded workplace protections for those living with disabilit
Job changes can be stressful — and transitioning to your first civilian career after life in the military only adds another layer of complexity.
As sports teams and leagues restart their seasons after all the shutdowns of the spring, many of us are thrilled to have our teams to cheer for again, even if it means watching them from the comforts of our home.
Among Germany’s many culinary treats whose English-language names leave much to be desired when translated into English is the Zwiebelkuchen, literally, onion cake. To call it cake is a stretch though, as tart or quiche is a closer approximation to what this treat’s all about.
There’s nothing better than a nice bowl of steaming hot soup for supper when the weather gets colder and the sun sets way too early. Chili is always a fan favorite, but why not change things up a bit?
When you think about getting your daily dose of vitamin C, oranges and lemons are likely among the first things that come to mind. While citrus fruits certainly pack in plenty of the vitamin also referred to as ascorbic acid, they’re far from the only source of it.
What we love about this recipe is that it is first, delicious. Secondly, it is easy to make and adaptable with items often found in our pantry. Lastly, it is very adaptable.
After getting completely sucked in watching the Great British Baking Show, these blondies were born. This favorite recipe is inspired from one of the show’s cookbooks and when we needed to make a substitution after missing a key ingredient, these became our own.
One of our go-to meals on the weekend is a breakfast hash, using whatever veggies are in our fridge or in season. While hashes are great for brunch, this is also a very easy weeknight dinner and a great way to use up any odds and ends!