Ready to make an easy 3-in-1 Mexican dip? This recipe is great for snacks, BBQ, tortilla chips & dip, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and so much more!

- 2 avocados 
- 2 limes, juiced
- 4 medium tomatoes 
- 1 cilantro bunch
Your credit score matters.
Those three little digits help financial institutions decide whether to give you a loan and on what terms. The higher your score, the less risky you appear to lenders — and that means you'll pay less interest.
Have you ever looked around your kitchen and realized you have the best ceramic cookware and you can't decide on what to cook for dinner? You are just having the toughest time finishing your meal plan.
When the weather turns cold, the wind picks up and the rain hammers down relentlessly, it’s a good idea to have indoor activities to keep kids busy. With just a few random supplies, kids can make some pretty awesome projects. Just remember to have a good clean-up plan in place!
I know how important it is for you to consume an adequate amount of protein while building muscle. Sometimes it’s hard to prepare non-repetitive meals that meet your protein consumption. However, it’s much simpler that it really looks.
If you want to travel long term with your family, renting out your home could be an excellent way to earn extra money. Because you will be away from your home for months or even a year, you may decide to lease the house to a tenant who will occupy the space for that time.
The idea behind “The Spouses Speak” series was to ask the same set of questions to spouses across the military branches who have been married to a military member for differing amounts of time.
As my sister and I were Facetiming talking about how much we’re looking forward to fall, she showed me her batch of pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies that she had just baked. 
Fall can be the perfect time to start delving into crafts, particularly beginner woodworking. With perfect temperatures and abundant sunshine, autumn allows everyone some time outside.
Ah, fall! Whether you are on team apple or team pumpkin spice, there are about a million options for amazing recipes to be trying now that cooler weather has arrived. We’ll save pumpkin spice for another day. For now, get ready to pick some fresh apples and get cooking! 
Sometimes you just want something new to spice up the decor in your house, but you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. Never fear! Oftentimes, you can make adorable decorations yourself using supplies found at various discount and craft stores.
Cattle drives invoke images harkening back to the Old West.
Fall in Germany is the best time of the year to sample the harvest’s best in wine and beer at farm, folk and city festivals that pop up all over the place.
Everyone is familiar with Germany’s most popular annual event, Oktoberfest. It’s food, fun, cheers, and well, a lot of beer.
I wasn’t surprised when I opened the blinds to reveal another wet, gray morning. Dark skies and drizzling rain for what felt like the thousandth morning in a row.
It’s Oktoberfest season and you’ve got your schnitzel and your wurst (sausages), Hefeweizen beer and Riesling wine. A lesser known, but no less delicious German dish to try is Semmelknödel, or Bavarian bread dumplings.