As we creep into fall and eventually winter, soon new fruits and vegetables will creep into the produce aisle. When produce is in-season you’ll see a lot more of it. It’ll be cheaper and likely taste better.
Lace up those hiking boots and get ready for an outdoor adventure that includes a delicious meal! It isn’t every day that you venture off on a hike and end up at a restaurant or overnight accommodation. The Höllentalanger Hut, a managed hut owned by the German Alpine Club, lets you do both.
If you're planning to buy a new car and have some flexibility on the timing, your choice of month, day or even hour may influence the deal you get.
Afternoon tea is a fantastically fun and delicious affair. Savory finger sandwiches, warm scones, sweet cakes and petit fours accompany steaming pots of freshly brewed tea. Before you venture out, here are a few helpful dos and don’ts of afternoon tea.
Before you go 
In the military, you learn to prepare for the future by using the tools at your disposal. Saving money falls into that preparation category. The more money you save, the more prepared you will be for opportunities or unexpected events that come your way.
I took my first trip to Épernay, France with my mom and two girlfriends. Though I do not often visit the same place twice — given my extensive list of European cities to see — Épernay was so lovely and laid-back that I returned with my husband a few weeks later.
Can’t seem to find a pet sitter around the holidays? Thinking of taking your dog with you? Don’t even know where to start? You’re in luck, today, we’ll be covering kennels in the Kaiserslautern area and a beautiful hotel made specifically for you and your dog!
Living in Germany and looking to broaden your social connections? In addition to connecting with fellow U.S. citizens and English speakers from the host nation, it’s possible to cast one’s net a bit wider and tap into Germany’s thriving international community.
As a military family with special needs, you may face unique financial, medical and legal challenges caused, in part, by the demands of military service.
Caring for a baby can be very rewarding. It can also be exhausting. Along with those amazing first-year milestones can arise teething misery that disrupts the entire household.
As my eyes become uncontrollably heavy at my desk, I can’t help but think to myself, “If only I had slept better last night!” Coffee runs and energy drinks may help you fuel up during the day, but to provide a cheaper and healthier solution, consider these tips for a better night’s sleep.  
It’s a beautiful day in the city. You’re walking on the sidewalk and approach an intersection with a handful of people waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. As you look right and left, there’s a nary a vehicle to be found.
Collecting souvenirs is an important part of travelling for most people. But how do you avoid tacky figurines of famous landmarks? I found that the best way to get souvenirs that you actually like is to focus your search on a few themes.
When in my travels I make new friends, I’m quick to ask them all about their home towns and what there is to see and do there. One of my latest acquaintances happened to hail from Treviso. When I grilled him about his city’s claim to fame, he revealed to me it’s the birthplace of tiramisù.
A summer of the sweltering sun calls for cold treats! Turn your favorite fruits into popsicles for a refreshing iced indulgence you won’t feel guilty about.
Coconut oil is great to cook with, but what about its beauty benefits? Different researchers, beauty bloggers and natural remedy users swear by coconut oil extending a helping hand in self-care routines. Here are 5 wonderful uses of coconut oil that are essential for any beauty regimen.