Morocco is a country that carries lifestyle and cultural differences between its inhabitants and those who travel to it. For the best experience, visit with an open mind and heart to embrace the unfamiliarity you may encounter.
As spring unfurls its vibrant colors and transitions into the warmer summer months, the country is brimming with outdoor adventures. Situated 30 minutes south of Spangdahlem and an hour north of Kaiserslautern along the old Roman wine route is Triolago.
Established 100 years ago, Northern Ireland is a small but formidable country. Surrounded by emerald-green hills and miles of jagged coastline, this nation is full of mythical legends and uncompromisingly beautiful landscapes.
There’s nothing quite like a trip to the city. The lights, the shops, the food and the people all come together to create the perfect bustling atmosphere. The energy coming from the city itself can be magnetic. Get drawn into London’s charm by spending just two days in this buzzing metropolis.
For those who want to explore locally in Germany, be awed by just how many tiny villages still await discovery by curious day-trippers. This particular tour is an easy outing for folks in the Kaiserslautern area, as well as those based in Wiesbaden.
A magical destination such as Santorini needs no introduction. With blue-domed churches, unreal views of the Aegean Sea and picture-perfect moments with every turn of your head, this whitewashed beauty of an island will leave you awestruck until the end of your stay.
If you’ve been searching for the perfect city to visit that won’t break the bank, look no further. Poznan, Poland is full of colorful buildings, 16th-century houses and incredibly inexpensive food. The towering churches, stunning palace and modern zoo are sure to hold your attention.
When it comes to vacations, it’s okay to be slightly envious of citizens of the European Union. Guaranteed a minimum of four weeks of paid leave, they’re not forced to shoe-horn their travel and adventures into the space of days. So where do these lucky Europeans choose to spend their holidays?
A lone figure dressed in antiquated clothing and carrying a bundle on a stick trudges purposefully through the streets of a small German town. Might a festival or historical reenactment be underway?
Peacefully resting in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and the coast of North Africa is Malta. While the island is currently a prime place to vacation, this wasn’t always true. Malta’s history has been plagued with sieges, wars and various rulers.
Sometimes the journey is all about the destination. But when visiting Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic), that is not the case: it is all about the journey.
Germany’s Black Forest region is known and loved for its dense pine forests, raging waterfalls, and cuckoo clocks.
Northern Ireland is as beautiful as it is complicated. As its name implies, the country is perched on the northern edge of Ireland. With the Republic of Ireland to the south, the city of Derry (Londonderry) shares a tumultuous past with both nations.
Whenever we get visitors, I’m proud to show them around the handsome wine village I now call home. First mentioned in a document dating back to 765, my adopted town has more than its fair share of landmarks and history.
How do you get your thrills? If you’re always on the lookout for something higher, faster and steeper, you just might find that a water slide ticks all your boxes.
Edenkoben, one of many charming villages along the German Wine Route, is home to the former summer residence of Bavarian kings, a chairlift up the Rietburg mountain and a remarkable garden re-established where Cistercian sisters once tended beautiful gardens.