Set within the calmness of Boka Bay along the sun-drenched Montenegrin coastline is Porto Montenegro. At first glance, it appears to be a destination for well-heeled yacht dwellers. However, its rich and complicated past lends itself to the grandeur it has become today.
When you think of luxury, Switzerland might not be the first country to come to mind; however, that’s surely not the case! Zurich is one of the world’s most expensive cities, known for its luxurious lifestyles, swanky shopping opportunities and delectable chocolates.
If you wander into the southern edge of Bavaria, you may be surprised to find they’ve traded in the traditional lederhosen and fedoras for cowboy boots and a Stetson.
When touring medieval castles, it’s easy to imagine kings and queens, ladies in waiting and knights in shining armor. But life in the Middle Ages was far from Disney-inspired fairy tales.
When a community of Cisterian monks founded their monastery on what’s now Belgian territory back in the year 1148, they could have hardly foreseen the miraculous transformation that was to take place on the very grounds they so fastidiously tended.
If you can’t be somewhere in body, evoking the essence of the country you long to see will have to be the next best thing. Staging an evening of culture from that place you had planned to visit can start with its cuisine, but it shouldn't stop there.
If you think a trip to Belgium means either Brussels or Bruges, then you’ve missed the country’s best-kept secret of Ghent!
While there are many European cities worth traversing, sometimes, it feels as if we’ve seen it all. There are only so many churches and Old Towns we can explore before it meshes together.
Aside from the iconic sites in Europe, an area many jet off to when they have been bitten by the travel bug is the Balkans. With a landscape and a culture that differs from western Europe, it’s easy to see why. Below are 6 reasons why everyone should put the Balkans on their travel list.
Though Europe is the perfect location to knock off some bucket-list worthy adventures with your girlfriends or
Grab your pumpkin-spice latte and Banana Republic scarf because it is almost the season that gives us the reason to live: fall.
Along the German Wine Road, a hilly and picturesque strip of land close to the Rhineland-Palatinate’s eastern border, you’d have to work hard to stumble across a city or village devoid of charm.
If I had the good fortune to work as a tour guide in the Spanish city of Tarragona, I would likely start my tour from atop the 14th-century Pretori Roma tower. 
The Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague is a lovely place to spend two days. You can see just enough in this time to truly appreciate the intricacies of the city, but also leave enough behind to leave you wanting more.
Switzerland, the land of picturesque villages, outdoor adventures and various forms of tasty cheese is a must-visit for many people. Whether you’re on an epic road trip or an express bus tour going through the country, it would be a shame to miss the scenic village of Grindelwald!
When people ask about the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is often on the list of answers.