Princess Lilo and Buzz Leapyear

Princess Lilo and Buzz Leapyear (Lisa Rivera)

“These are the voyages of the starship Economize.”

Right from the start, Space Wars at Ramstein Air Base’s Razz Ma Tazz Theatre proves itself as a true, frenzied British-style “panto” or pantomime. Directed by Mandie La Bell, this is a rough-and-tumble family show that completely disregards the fourth wall and incorporates the audience into the bucket of laughs.

The audience is part of the show at a pantomime, and Buzz Leapyear (A1C Kaleb Spiers) - no relation to that Disney space hero - makes it clear that we are all new cadets along for the crazy ride. The plot parodies every favorite space-based movie and show franchise, but in true panto fashion, we are constantly veering into goofy sidetracks, joke battles and slapstick scenes.

We first meet the loveable plumber Buzz and his mother, wacky and unseemly fellow custodian Stella Leapyear (Jacki Aguiar). They clean the starship Economize which has just returned from a mission to capture evil Barf Raider (Debra Duckett). But, of course, Raider has escaped, so Flash Jordan (Steven Partin), whose overt self-confidence, physical humor and constant innuendo had me constantly cracking up, must ship out again. His love interest Princess Lilo (SPC Sierra Whitley) joins in.

Flash Jordan

Flash Jordan (Lisa Rivera)

Space Wars is performed at the Ramstein community center which provides a great open space for kids to sit right up front, in the heart of the action. A simple stage set allows for the nearly constant scene changes that keep the audience on their toes. Costumes cleverly mimic the character parodies and help us track this amalgamation of sci-fi who’s-who.

As the play continues, we meet the obliviously confident Capt. Berk (Liz Seligman) and their Vulcan sidekick Dr. Smock (Kayce Stanford), who are sent as a backup for Flash Jordan. Even the crew gets involved with a classic and hysterical whose-on-first-style banter between the captain and Ensign Riley (Mandie La Bell).

Over on the dark side, Raider has acquired two droids, C3BO (Cameron Rahe) and RU12 (Cathy Kelly Stolle) whose dance number and constant references to old computer operating systems were super funny. Fellow baddy Grabba the Butt (Rober Soules) joins the evil cause and chaos ensues.

Suddenly, we all find ourselves doing the ‘Timewarp,’ and I lost count of the sci-fi references…Star Trek, Star Wars, Toy Story, Flash Gorden….

You don’t just watch a panto, you participate. Be ready to hiss at bad puns, cheer for Flash Jordan, boo for Barf Raider and yell “beyond” when loveable Buzz joins the cast.

  • Upcoming Space Wars performances: March 15 and 16 at 7 p.m.

  • Razz Ma Tazz is also performing a youth panto “Cinderella in Space” on Sunday March 17, 2024 at 3 p.m.

Space Wars

Space Wars (Razz Ma Tazz, Ramstein AB)

Cinderella in Space

Cinderella in Space (Razz Ma Tazz, Ramstein AB)

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