Two actors mimic the action on screen, running in the rain, in the opening scene of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror Shadow Picture show at Razz Ma Tazz on Ramstein AB (Kyle Kostner)

This weekend, the Razz Ma Tazz Theatre at the Ramstein Air Base Community Center put on a performance that has become a Halloween tradition around the world: The Rocky Horror Shadow Picture Show.

For those who had not been initiated into the Rocky Horror world, this very adult interactive experience began with a pre-show party. Themed games were available for “Rocky Horror Virgins” (those new to this 1975 cult classic), and many of the experienced members of the crowd came dressed as favorite characters.

The whole night was fast paced, funny and sometimes quite chaotic. While live actors performed and lip-synced on stage, the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie played in the background.

All audience members chose a prop from a bag upon arrival and were encouraged to use it during parts of the movie. Once everyone caught on, the effect was hysterical. Of course, water guns were a favorite and helped immerse the audience in the opening scene while protagonists Janet and Brad drove through the rain, amongst other things.

The actors were an essential bridge between movie and interactive experience. Scenes like the grand entrance of the main antagonist, Frank-N-Furter, was on point and dramatic. Other characters emphasized their lead, but they also had some funny side bar commentary. This was especially true of Janet and Brad and their hysterical, but NSFW running gags. In addition, the actress playing Janet had exceptional body language and facial expressions that were super synchronized with the movie.

One of the highlights I found entertaining was that many of the audience members provided their own extra comments and running gags throughout the show. In fact, there was a very blurry line between the “audience” and performers at this fun collaborative event.

Razz Ma Tazz was a fine place for the show, however, the audio was a bit difficult to hear in the rear and audience members further back had a tough time seeing certain scenes on stage. However, those quirks of location didn’t detract from the overall fun and entertainment of the evening.

If you are uninitiated, don’t miss your next opportunity, even if you have to wait until next year, to see The Rocky Horror Shadow Picture Show at Razz Ma Tazz Theater on Ramstein Air Base.

Logo for the Rocky Horror Shadow Picture Show showing bright red lips on a black background.

Rocky Horror Shadow Show at Razz Ma Tazz Theatre on Ramstein (Razz Ma Tazz)

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