Nice, France

Nice, France (Kyle Haney |

Because of Nice’s rather small boundaries, it’s hard to say that one location in the city is better than another. However, I found that the closer you are to Cœur de Nice and Old Nice, the better off you are in terms of sightseeing, shopping, nightlife, and dining.

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“Cœur de Nice”

I recommend Cœur de Nice simply because it’s in the heart of Nice, meaning shopping, dining, and nightlife are only a few steps away. Plus, there is an amazing little trolley that runs up and down Avenue Jean Médecin, perfect for getting you to and from the beach and the Marché aux Fleurs!

Anywhere along the Av. Jean Médecin is ideal but you will also be paying for it. For that reason, I recommend a few blocks east or west of the iconic street to save yourself a few bucks!

“Old Nice”

If nightlife is what you’re after, Old Nice is where you want to set up your base camp. With wine bars and restaurants at your fingertips, you won’t have to walk more than a few hundred feet before you are where you want to be.

A stay in this neighborhood guarantees you’ll also be close to the Colline du Château Park for some amazing sunsets. Additionally, you’ll also be close to some amazing little boutique stores selling quality products!

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Nice, France

Nice, France (Kyle Haney |

“Le Carré d’Or”

Picture this: You’re casually watching people go about their vacations as you enjoy a glass of French wine under an awning while the rain comes down. Sound like the perfect spot for your Nice vacation? Then Le Carré d’Or is where you want to be.

Off the beaten path (but not by much!), you’ll find cozy cafes and museums as the main attraction in this neighborhood. You’ll also be only steps away from two beautiful parks and, of course, the boardwalk along the sea.

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