Nice, France

Nice, France (Kyle Haney |

When to visit Nice, France?

Visit Nice when the weather is nice and the crowds are low, ideally April through June and September through October. July and August will bring high crowds, but great sunbathing weather.

How many days to visit Nice, France?

Three days is more than enough to visit Nice, France. I was there for only two and still managed to see all of the major attractions and squeezed in my trip to Monaco.

What is Nice ,France known for and why is it famous?

Nice is known for its incredibly sunny weather, relaxing atmosphere and warm population. The top attractions are the Marché aux Fleurs (flower market), the Nice Cathedral, and the many museums. Plus, it rests on a perfect part of the French Riviera, so it has an incredible energy and vibe to accompany the many sights!

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Does Nice, France have good nightlife?

Compared to the larger cities of, say, Rome, Barcelona or Paris, Nice’s nightlife is smaller. However, what Nice may lack in size, it makes up for in character. Nice has dozens of great bars with varying themes that are perfect for hopping between for a late night!

Is Nice, France expensive?

Expensive is a relative term but, I would say yes. As someone who’s not used to paying $15 for an omelet, I describe Nice as expensive.

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Is Nice, France safe?

Nice is perfectly safe for solo travelers! I walked up and down the alleys of Nice at night and I never felt threatened. The population of Nice is extremely warm and inviting!

Can you surf or swim in Nice, France?

Surfing seemed next to impossible given the small, relaxing waves that lapped against the shoreline. However, swimming is definitely possible given the calm seas!

How to get to Nice, France?

To get to Nice, you can either take a train from one of the surrounding cities or fly into the airport like I did!

Is Nice, France walkable?

Nice is absolutely a walkable town. Due to its location along the sea, the entire city is basically all at one elevation. The only difficult part might be visiting the Colline du Château Park for a sunset.

Nice, France

Nice, France (Kyle Haney |

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