The Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum ()


For a special night out, book an online reservation at Frau im Mond, the rooftop restaurant at the Deutsches Museum. They have a customizable cheese fondue menu designed to share while you take in the night air of the outside terrace. The terrace is open all year, so bundle up.

On the other end of the island, in a former industrial museum, the Blitz restaurant serves Tex-Mex favorites with a vegetarian twist. The jackfruit tacos and sweet potato fajitas are highly recommended, as is sitting outside along the river. If you still have energy at the end of the day, the adjacent Blitz Nightclub is open for dancing until 2 a.m. Find out what artist is performing and get tickets via their website:


To truly make this a museum-themed weekend, stay in the JAMS Music Hotel. Walk through the door, and you will feel like you stepped right into the retro music scene of the 1970s. This boutique hotel dives deep into modern music history with floors that pay homage to rock legends and an extensive vinyl LP library. All rooms come with a record player, pro speakers and a stocked minibar. Book directly for a great breakfast to fuel your five-minute walk to the Deutsches Museum.


With one or two overnights to enjoy all it has to offer, the Deutsches Museum is a destination unto itself. It is the world’s largest science and technology museum and occupies the Museumsinsel (museum island) in the heart of Munich.

This is not a boring science museum! You can explore the inside of a recreated medieval alchemist’s workshop, view atomic physics from a unique perspective or watch robots in a purpose-built arena. Seeing it all would be exhausting, so choose the topics that interest you most. Start by downloading the Deutsches Museum app. It is loaded with audio tours, maps and augmented reality that brings static displays to life eight different languages, including English. If you can’t choose what to do, start with the two-hour highlights tour.

With a day devoted to the museum, you can take advantage of the daily special programs like planetarium show. From anatomy to hydraulics, molecules to outer space, there are special interactive exhibits everywhere designed to ignite your curiosity. If you need some fresh air, take an afternoon walk along the Munich Planetary Way which begins at the sun sculpture in the museum courtyard and continues 4.5 km along the Isar River walkway with signs indicating proportional distances of the planets in our solar system.

If the Messerschmitt on level one has you craving more aircraft, you should spend the following day venturing out to one of the Deutsches Museum’s other campuses. The Flugwerft Schleißheim Aviation Museum has everything from the first gliders to military fighter jets. For those of you interested in more vehicular variety, the Verkehrszentrum Transport Museum has historic railcars, buggies and the earliest automobiles. Both are accessible via public trains.

To finish out a museum-themed weekend, take a dip at the Art Nouveau Müller’sches Volksbad, which was built in 1901. With both a swimming area and sauna, this place feels like a museum and is across the river from Museumsinsel.

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