a couple at the spa

a couple at the spa ()

Forty minutes northwest of Munich, the Therme Erding claims to be the world’s biggest spa. The local thermal waters are said to have mineral-based healing properties and a natural temperature of 65 degrees Celsius (149 Fahrenheit). The same water is used at the city’s geothermal power plant. Don’t worry, though, at the spa the water is treated and maintained at a pleasant 34 degrees Celsius (93 Fahrenheit). 

There are two distinct areas at Therme Erding. First is the family-friendly, swimsuit-required Tropical Spa and Water Park. This erlebnisbad (adventure pool) consists of a large spa pool area, a wave pool and numerous water slides. The second area is the textile-free (nude) Vitality Oasis (also called the Vital Therme) only accessible to those 16 and older, which has a massive series of spa pools and numerous saunas.  

When you enter the facility, you will be given a wristband that opens your assigned locker and can be used for any charges at the restaurants or bars. You can pay your total bill via credit card before you leave. The vast locker room has changing cubicles for privacy. Don your swimsuit and make sure everyone is wearing their wristband. You will need to tap it on the entry turnstile for the different areas.

If are heading to the swimsuit-required spa and water park, I suggest you stash the rest of your stuff, including towel and phone, in the locker before following the blue arrows. If you are heading to the textile-free (nude) spa, then put your robe or towel over your swimsuit, wear some flip-flops, bring a book or a friend, and follow the red arrows.

Enjoy exploring this huge indoor tropical oasis. The water park area boasts 10 big tube slides, plus a smaller play area perfect for little kids. There is also an outdoor slide area that is closed in the winter. Near the wave pool you’ll find access to the heated outdoor spa circuit, plus loungers and a swim-up bar. Across the facility is the spa area where you can take in a facial mud mask, soak in the thermal waters, enjoy the themed saunas, or float in the warm outdoor pool.

If you choose to enter the textile-free zone, be prepared for an incredible Roman-themed spa experience. After the turnstile you will enter a foyer space where you can stash your swimsuit in one of the cubbies. Continue to wear your robe or towel when walking around the spa but take it off and hang it on the hooks when entering a pool or sauna. Now, explore! There is a massive spa pool, tons of themed saunas, swim-up bars and relaxation spaces galore. Don’t miss participating in a few of the special programs and ceremonies. You may find yourself donning a clay mask, meditating to a singing bowl or being wafted with intense heat.

It is best to book a reservation ahead of time at Choose Erlebnisbad (adventure pool) for the family-friendly swimsuits-on area, or VitalThermen & Saunen for the 16+ nude spa area. An online reservation is simply a guaranteed entry on a particular day and time. Booking a lounger also has this same advantage. You can pay when you arrive for your reservation, or you can buy entry tickets, called vouchers, ahead of time at, which often advertises discounts. 

Spend the whole day enjoying family time in the healing waters and exciting pools or submit to total relaxation in the adult area.

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