Couple at a Therme

Couple at a Therme ()

You can’t live in Germany and not take a dip into sauna culture by visiting a therme (tare-muh). Defined by its use of natural hot springs, a therme will have spring-fed pools, saunas and relaxation spaces. Typically, the thermal pool area is for people of all ages wearing swimsuits, while a separate spa or sauna space is ‘textile-free’ and for adults only.  

While the pools are a fun way to test the waters, it’s really the spa and saunas that my husband and I love for a romantic getaway. These are spaces full of relaxation beds, themed rooms, smaller spring-fed pools, outdoor spaces, and a variety of saunas. Treatments like massages aren’t a huge part of the experience but can be added. If nudity is uncharted water for you, it’s fine to keep on a wrapped towel in the sauna, and wearing a robe while walking around is the norm.  

How to Visit the Spa

  • Book tickets (and hotel) ahead. 

  • Bring a robe, towel and flip-flops. 

  • Sauna spaces are co-ed, and nudity is required (no swimsuits). 

  • Undress and store your items in the locker room. 

  • A wristband will allow purchases, pay on your way out. 

  • It’s cool to wear your robe or towel when walking around. 

  • Take off your robe to enter a sauna, but use your towel to sit on. 

  • Cell phones are prohibited, books are welcome. 

  • Sauna experiences, which are included in your entry fee, will be scheduled on a board near the entrance.  

“For readers who are wet behind the ears, here are some highly-rated therme’s for your first plunge. ”

Mineraltherme Böblingen, Stuttgart 

Near Panzer Kaserne south of Stuttgart, this relaxed therme is a local favorite. With five indoor and outdoor hot thermal waters, and even a music-themed floating pool, it is super relaxing. The spa area has lots of themed saunas, including some fun ones out in the pretty landscaped garden. It’s a great local spot for a first dip. 

SchwabenQuellen, Stuttgart 

Located in the SI-Centrum entertainment center, this huge therme is usually a fully textile-free spa, but the first Saturday of each month allows bathers with swimsuits. With around-the-world theming, you can swim in the Caribbean, relax in an Egyptian hot tub, nap in the Japanese lounge, bake inside the Canadian log cabin or try the Tibetan meditation sauna. The surrounding SI-Centrum makes this a weekend getaway with two hotels, stage performances, movie theaters and numerous restaurants to choose from.

Taunus Therme, Bad Homburg 

North of Frankfurt, this Asian-themed therme leans into the theming so much you may just feel like you stepped off the airplane on the other side of the world. You can swim in the heated outdoor pools of the Japanese-inspired garden, relax in the colorful Persian-inspired rooms and feel the heat of the many saunas.  

Weidener Thermenwelt, Weiden  

Just over a half hour from Vilseck or Grafenwoehr, this local therme is a wonderful place to take the plunge. The pool space is family-friendly, but the spa area is where you want to be. With indoor and outdoor spaces, this quiet spa has saunas, relaxing infusions and interesting resting spaces sure to help you reconnect. For a girls’ day out, Wednesdays are female-only.  

Caracalla Therme or Friedrichsbad, Baden-Baden 

The hot springs in Baden-Baden were first used by Celts before the area was built up as a wellness destination by the Roman army. To relive the history, visit the Friedrichsbad therme where a set ritual along 17 stations is said to rejuvenate the body. If relaxation is more your style, visit the modern Caracalla Therme down the road with its large thermal pools and unique sauna spaces perfect for a calm day together. Both facilities use the local mineral-rich thermal water, and there are plenty of local hotels to choose from.

Therme Erding, Munich  

In northern Munich, this tropical resort claims to be the world’s biggest spa. In addition to the thermal pools, the erlebnisbad is and adventure pool area full of water slides. However, it’s the Roman-themed ‘Sauna World’ that makes this a couple’s paradise. With a massive thermal pool, a plethora of themed saunas, swim-up watering holes, and unique scheduled experiences, it’s easy to while away a special day. The attached nautical-themed Hotel Victory offers packages.  

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