Fryseboksen Railjam 3 @SNØ

Fryseboksen Railjam 3 @SNØ (Even Brekke)

The magic of winter can be found year-round (yes, even during the hot summer) at Norway’s SNØ facility, Europe’s largest indoor ski resort.

There are ski slopes for all abilities at the SNØ complex, and an indoor controlled climate means excellent slope conditions all the time. With one massive indoor hillside, the five impressive trails are easily accessible to all. So, while you tackle the red Racing Hill, your kids could be improving their skills nearby on the blue Fjon Hill. Three lifts – a chair lift, a button and a magic carpet bring everyone back to the top with ease.

Park rats can hit the jumps and rails on the 300 meters of freestyle slope, and then quickly take the chairlift back to do it again. You’ll get a lot of airtime here! There are even freeski courses to help you move those terrain park skills to the next level.

For total newbies, there are plenty of ski course options and equipment rentals available right at SNØ. Most beginner courses take place over two days, with formal instruction for 90 minutes each day. This is a great place to hone your abilities. Classes cover all levels of alpine skiing, plus snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and even ice climbing.

How can they fit all that in one facility? Well, the cross-country course is ingeniously suspended on a mezzanine in the rafters of the enormous building. At one kilometer in length, it’s a no-joke workout space perfect for snow lovers with twists, turns and hills to climb and descend. The total elevation change is an impressive 32 meters.

The Mammoth Wall is an ice-climbing wall. The 15-meter-high ice block is one of the biggest in Europe. With a front-facing beginner area and rear technical zone for drop-in pros only, it’s a wonder to behold. The wall is especially monumental in the heat of summer when ice climbing enthusiasts, and learners alike, can still train on real ice.

For off-piste fun, visit the JumpYard where trampolines run the show. This full-body fun and exercise zone has it all: rock climbing walls, ropes courses, obstacle runs and more. For a more traditional workout, you can visit the modern Sportytude gym.

The SNØ structure was built with environmental sustainability in mind. In fact, the building produces energy, sending an excess of 23% into Snøbyen - the area around the facility. This means that both the heat generated from the machinery at SNØ and its extra cooling is not wasted. The Snøbyen district is a sports-minded planned city that currently has a large shopping area and business park.  

For those who want to soak up the wintry atmosphere, the adjacent Thon Hotel Snø is a must. With ski-in / ski-out rooms right on the slope, there is a true resort feel. In addition, there is a café and two winter-inspired restaurants on the premises. The Snøfonna offers a big, varied lunch buffet, while the Rifugio della Nonna keeps things alpine with northern Italian favorites.

The best part about visiting SNØ is that there will never be a white out nor will the summer sun ever melt your dream of a perfect ski day out.  

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