Couple at an indoor rock climbing gym

Couple at an indoor rock climbing gym ()

Relationships are all about trust, we can all agree on that, right? So, what’s more trusting than rock climbing with your partner? Think about it: you’re ascending dozens of feet into the air and the only thing stopping you from falling to your death is the rope between you and your partner: that’s trust.

Roccadion in Stuttgart offers a chance for you and your partner to try the ultimate trust fall. And sure, rock climbing won’t replace marriage or couple’s counseling, but it sure is a heck of a lot cheaper…and more fun!

Roccadion is Stuttgart’s newest climbing gym conveniently located 3-4 minutes from Panzer Kaserne. With walls up to 18.5m tall, this climbing gym also sports a bistro with delicious pizza and a few traditional German beers.

My girlfriend (Ciara) discovered Roccadion through one of her work colleagues who asked her to go along to a basic climbing course. Soon after, she earned her top rope certification, and she was hooked.

So, one Friday night, she asked if I would go with her to try it out. With the promise of learning a new skill and spending some quality time together, I naturally obliged. 45 minutes into climbing, my forearms were screaming, and my heart was full; I could see what she was excited about!

We’ve been back to Roccadion multiple times, and yet every experience feels different. Because the staff change the “rock faces” every week, we’re constantly challenged with new routes to conquer. We’ve even gotten to the point that we’re able to spot each other’s next move from the ground, leading to increased conversation and trust while climbing. Rock climbing has quickly become one of our go-to “lazy” date night ideas if we don’t want to decide where to eat or what to do.  

If it’s your first time at an indoor climbing gym, planning ahead will be key for your visit to Roccadion. As with all climbing facilities in Germany, Roccadion requires you to be top rope certified before climbing (and no, not Stone-Cold Steve Austin top rope, rock climbing top rope). So, if you’re thinking, “Well, I’m just looking for a fun two or three hour date night idea” then Roccadion probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for something new you can continually do together as a couple, then start by signing up for their basic sport climbing course. You’ll become top rope certified through a member of the German Alpine Club (DAV) and the certification will follow you around for the rest of your tour in Germany.

The course will teach you and your partner how to properly wear the harness, how to use the rope and safety devices involved in rock climbing, and the most important part: how to tie knots! With a maximum of nine fellow adventure junkies, the course requires you and your partner to meet for two 4 1/2-hour appointments to learn and practice everything required for rock climbing. From there, you’ll be turned loose on a 2,800m2 indoor/outdoor climbing course with endless challenging routes.

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