Lily at Durdle Door

Lily at Durdle Door (Nicole Shaffer)

This month, we are featuring two special pups!  

Meet Minnie and Lily. These two joined their family on an adventure to the Jurassic Coast, and you can read all about it here on Stripes Europe. The Jurassic Coast is an amazing series of beaches, coves and small towns in southwestern England where numerous dinosaur fossils can be found. Lily, above, is posing in front of the famous Durdle Door rock formation. 

Do you have a photogenic furry family member? Send your submissions for pet of the month to with the subject line “Pet of the month.” Please include only pets, no direct images of people, and let us know a little about the photo of your animal companion!

“This English Channel is a bit too salty for my liking”

— Minnie

Minnie on the coast

Minnie on the coast (Nicole Shaffer)

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