Rosie in Alexandropouli, Greece.

Rosie in Alexandropouli, Greece. (Stephanie Street)

Say hello to Rosie!

This adorbale Morkie loves to travel. A Morkie is an unofficial breed of dog crossed between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. Rosie just celebrated her sixth birthday last month!

She has been stationed in Italy and Texas, but has traveled to more than nine different countries and seven of the United States.

Her pet parent says, “Fellow travelers love to see her out and about and she is always making new friends. She travels by planes, trains and automobiles. Occasionally, she rides around in her very own stroller or carrier.” Rosie shares some of her travels on Instagram @rosie_on_the_go

In this first image, Rosie is on the sunny beach in Alexandropouli, Greece.

Rosie in Alexandropouli, Greece.

Rosie in Alexandropouli, Greece. (Stephanie Street)

Here is Rosie out on the town in Cascais, Portugal.

Rosie in Cascais, Portugal

Rosie in Cascais, Portugal (Stephanie Street)

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