Closed pool

Closed pool ()

This story is about how I went to the worst all-inclusive resort in Antalya, Turkey, with my mom and her friend Trish, and her two children, Zoe and Milo.

We had planned for Trish to pick us up and go to the airport and we would go on our flight. The plan got all messed up when Trish’s daughter Zoe got strep throat the night before and had to go to the hospital. We figured out a way for my dad (who was not coming) to drop us off at the airport. It wasn’t a very long car ride; it was about an hour and a half. Me and my mom had never been to this airport and when we first saw it, it looked like it was abandoned there were no cars and no people.

Finally, our friends got there and we got onto the three-and-a-half-hour flight. When we got off, we went on the shuttle to go to our hotel. By the time we got there, it was about three o’clock in the morning and we were exhausted, so we went to bed.

In the morning, we first went to the all-inclusive breakfast buffet. We expected a traditional Turkish breakfast but, surprisingly, they had a variety of foods that we normally don’t eat for breakfast in America such as French Fries and salads. Right after we had breakfast, we explored the water parks, playgrounds and pools.

We first looked at the waterparks. We went there early so we did not think it would be open until 12:00 or 11:00, but to our surprise we asked the many lifeguards when they would open and they said 2:00 p.m.! We were very disappointed that we would have to walk around the resort or sit around in our hotel room to wait for them to open. We were disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy the swimming pool, but we made the best of our stay by exploring other attractions in the area.

“We thought it would just open later during our stay, but it never opened”

Despite the pool being closed and the waterslides only opening in the afternoon, we found other ways to entertain ourselves. The mini amusement park next to the water park and playground looked fun on the website and said that it was open during our stay, and we thought it would just open later during our stay, but it never opened. We asked the staff about the opening date and were informed that it would be ready for visitors later in April. We were very dissatisfied with this news.

But there were some good parts like they had a free bar next to the pools and they had a nice playground we spent half of our time at. During lunch they had a strip of foods. Half of them were open like the burger shop, pizza place and the ice cream bar. But half of the food places were closed like the doner place, chicken and fries place and the slushy shop, which we were really disappointed in. We did have a good time with the water parks and such, but if you do want to go to Turkey and stay at this all-inclusive resort I would recommend coming in the April-March months because that is when everything opens and starts running.

So yes, I would recommend coming to this resort, and Turkey in general, just do your research first.

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