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One of the major issues with being a military child is finding (and maintaining) leadership positions when you are constantly moving and always the new kid. You don’t know anyone and nobody knows your experience or qualifications yet. However, while finding these positions may seem daunting, it is actually quite simple. Here are some quick tips on finding and getting leadership positions in your community when you’re the new kid.

Join organizations outside of your school. Organizations like Scouting, local nonprofits or online volunteer organizations are likely to be able to offer you something as a student. Many have opportunities to obtain high-ranking positions early on if you show passion and genuine interest. These groups are always looking for help and leaders (especially students!) so your interest will be crucial.

Start your own initiative. If your school doesn’t have a club or organization you are interested in, start it yourself! Many schools will let you start your own club if you have an adult sponsor onsite and enough interested students. If you’re the founder, you can automatically become the president. You can also start a non-school related club, like a nonprofit, social initiative, or sports team.

Communicate to club sponsors. Club sponsors can be the gateway to success for leadership. Speak with the sponsor and ask if there’s anything you can do to gain leadership experience in the club. The worst answer is “no,” after all. If there is anything you can do, take the position on and gain experience and a reputation within the club so you can run for an official position at the end of the year.

Be active in school. Be friendly to your classmates and teachers. You never know when they could be helpful for finding leadership positions. If you ask teachers if they know of any leadership opportunities, they might help you if you have a reputation as a good student. Over time, your commitment to service and leadership will help find more opportunities in your community.

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