The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage (CAPT Lisa Rivera)

Do not miss the opportunity to catch KMC Onstage’s inspiring performance of The Sound of Music. Perfectly timed for a heartwarming holiday outing, the show is full of traditional musical numbers and scenes that won it six Tony awards before it became a well-loved movie.

This classic story is brought to life under the talented direction of Phil Vannoorbeeck. The musical is set in Austria in 1938 at the outset of Nazi occupation. A young woman discovers who she is and finds love with a rich widower and his children before making a courageous decision to leave behind her beloved mountains and his wealth to live according to her principles.

“Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, until you find your dream.”

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage (SSG Angela O’Hearn)

The KMC Onstage theater community brought out all their talent with this performance, not only with exceptional acting but also with the extended team of behind-the-scenes volunteers. From sets and props to costumes and live music, the feel of a traditional top-notch Broadway performance extends throughout the theater space.

A beautiful alpine backdrop was a constant presence onstage and kept the audience grounded in the environment as the rest of the sets rolled through. It could be seen through the open window of the impressive Von Trapp house, and past the intricate gargoyle fountain as it was turned to become part of the abbey.

In the abbey, we are treated to the beautiful singing voices of both Maria, played by Angela Aponte and the Mother Superior, played by Cathey Kelly Stolle, as they share the words to Maria’s “Favorite Things.” The show seamlessly combines the talent on stage with the talent in the live orchestra. Using live music is an amazing addition to the performance, and kudos to KMC Onstage for taking it to the next level.

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage (SSG Angela O’Hearn)

In this show, one can’t help but love Max Detweiler, played by Bernd Roeder, with his well-timed humor and German accent. The Von Trapp children are also memorable. Their rendition, of “Do, Re, Mi” was a highlight of the whole show. As Maria points to each, they pop up like popcorn; it is magnificently choreographed, and their costumes are flawless.

The emotional tone of the show moves easily between the serious life-threatening and moral aspects of this time in history and the funny, playful family moments. It is a credit to the director and actors that the audience is pulled so strongly into both.

The Sound of Music cast includes eleven people making their KMC Onstage debut and a large crew who have made this show a memorable addition to our local holiday season.

Performances have had completely packed theaters, so get tickets ahead of time.

Upcoming performances:

  • Dec. 8, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

  • Dec. 9, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

  • Dec. 10, 2023 at 2:00 pm.

Tickets available at: or by calling 0611-143-541-9129

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage

The Sound of Music at KMC Onstage (SSG Angela O’Hearn)

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