Defocused silhouettes of people on stage in the theater. Point of view of reader behind audience members looking at the stage.

Defocused silhouettes of people on stage in the theater ()

Whether you want to stay warm inside in the winter or cool off in the Summer, we’ve got a list of European indoor festivals and events to help you plan out your year!


The Hound of the Baskervilles” at The English Theatre of Hamburg | Jan. 1-20 | Hamburg

World Club Dome Winter Edition: EDM, House and Techno Festival | Jan. 5-6 | Frankfurt

Proud Nerd - Welcome to Starcourt Cinema | Jan. 12 | Cologne

Lobby Hero” at The English Theatre of Hamburg | Feb. 5- Apr. 6 | Hamburg

The Berlinale Film Festival | Feb. 15-25 | Berlin

The Berlinale is one of the largest public film festivals in the world. This event dates back to 1951 and has grown exponentially. Over 200 films, with different lengths and from varying genres are presented to attendees with film submissions from over 100 countries. During the festival, people can also check out the European Film Market and Berlinale Co-Production Market.

Time Warp Mannheim: EDM Festival | April 5-6 | Mannheim

German Film and Comic Con: Spring and Winter 2024 | Dortmund Germany

Recently rebranded to include “film” in the name, this bi-annual con hosts special celebrity guests, panels, shopping opportunities and more. Don your best cosplay, get an autograph from your favorite pop culture icon and attend a workshop. This year the Spring Edition is May 4-5 and the Winter Edition is Dec. 7-8. Check out the monthly Con Together on for more pop culture conventions throughout Germany.

The Two Popes” at The English Theatre Frankfurt | Apr. 13- May 26 | Frankfurt

Lizard Boy” at The English Theatre of Hamburg | Apr. 22- June 22 | Hamburg

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | July 17-28 | Hamburg


KokoroKon: Film, Manga and Gaming | Feb. 9-11 | Schwechat

Comic Con Dornbirn | Mar. 16-17 | Dornbirn

Altitude Comedy Festival | Apr.1-15 | Mayrhofen

If you would like to laugh out loud after a day on the slopes, this is the place for you. This annual comedy festival has received accolades such as “Best Overseas Festival 2022/2023” and “Comedy Festival of the Year.” If the slopes aren’t your thing, you can also enjoy the Turkish baths and spas in the nearby town for the ultimate Alpine getaway.

HaruCon: “Carinthia’s First Geek Convention” | Apr. 27-28 | Klagenfurt

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | Aug. 8-10 | Vienna


ComicCon Brussels | May 11-12 | Brussels

Tomorrowland | July 19-28 | Boom

Tomorrowland is the world’s largest EDM (electronic dance music) festival that happens annually across two weekends in July. Since 2005, it has entertained the EDM community and has grown to over 400,000 attendees every year. Its campground, where many attendees stay is known as “Dreamville” and has its own entertainment and stage. Past performers included David Guetta and Avicii.


Le Festival d’Automne à Paris: Theater, Dance and Visual Arts Festival | Jan 1- Feb. 11 | Paris

Simple Plan Hard as Rock Tour | Jan 18-20 | Paris

Maison&Objet: Paris Design Week | Jan. 18-24 | Paris

Ciné Junior: Annual Children’s Film Festival | Jan. 24- Feb. 6 | Paris

Paris Short Film Festival | Mar. 22-24 | Paris

Escape Magique- Harry Potter Inspired| Apr. 20-21 | La Teste-de-Buch

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | May 9-12 | Nanterre

Cannes Film Festival | May 14-25 | Cannes

Bordeaux Geekfest 2024 | May 18-19 | Bordeaux

From Wisteria Lane to Paris | May 25 | Paris

Japan Expo Paris | July 11-14 | Paris

Fête du Cinéma: Cinema Festival | July 2-5 | Paris

Paris Games Week | Oct./Nov. TBD | Paris


Liverpool Anime and Gaming | Feb. 3-4 | Liverpool

London Anime and Gaming Con | Feb. 16-18 | London

Glascow Film Festival | Feb. 28- Mar. 10 | Glascow

Levitation – 74th British National Science Fiction Convention | Mar. 29- Apr. 1 | Telford

Manchester Anime and Gaming Con | Apr. 6-7 | Manchester

25th Rainbow International Film Festival London | June 2-9 | London

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | June 7-30 | Liverpool, Cardiff, London and Dublin

82nd World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) | Aug. 8-12 | Glasgow

Edinburgh International Book Festival | Aug. 10-25 | Edinburgh

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | Aug. 15-17 | London


Comic, Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam | Mar. 23-24 | Rotterdam

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | July 4-6 | Amsterdam

NN North Sea Jazz Festival | July 12-14 | Rotterdam

Eurocon 2024 | Aug. 16-19 | Rotterdam


Japan Impact | Feb. 17-18 | Ecublens

Sakura no Matsuri: Anime, Manga and Gaming | Mar. 23-24 | Winterthur

Fantasy Basel - The Swiss Comic Con 2024 | May 9-11 | Basel

Chibi-Con: Games, Trading Cards and more | June 1-2 | Winterthur

Taylor Swift Eras Tour | July 9-10 | Zurich

If you are interested in staying indoors and getting tattooed or pierced check out our European Tattoo Directory.

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