Point of view: From above, looking down onto the trees, houses, and buildings of Oberhausen. In the far back of the picture in a smoke stack coming from an industrial building.

Birds eye view of Oberhausen ()

I recently found myself in Oberhausen, Germany for the Fall Out Boy concert and while I went to this unknown city expecting to simply find a place to eat before the concert, I discovered so much more. Oberhausen, located about three and a half hours from the KMC area, is the perfect place to escape for a fun-filled weekend.

The Promenade

The Promenade is a row of restaurants alongside a body of water reminiscent of River Street in Savannah, Georgia and River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. No appetite will go unsatiated. They have everything from Italian to Greek, German, Tex-Mex and American fare. The pizza from 60 Seconds to Napoli was delectable. I also recommend the focaccia bread with three dips appetizer: hold on to it  to dip your pizza crust in.

Napoli-style pizza with thick, wood-fired crust. Pizza features tomato-based sauce, with blobs of mozzarella scattered throughout, and basil leaves at the center. There is a knife and fork on top of the pizza.

Napoli Pizza ()

Tucked among the restaurants along The Promenade, is GameStation. For those originally from the U.S., GameStation was a smaller version of Dave and Busters. There were arcade and video games across the floor with the options of purchasing snacks, coffees and cocktails. After spending more than I care to admit, I traded in my 1300 tickets for a coffee cup. Among other prizes were plastic trinkets, playing cards, chips, beers, video games and a slow cooker.

Westfield Centro

If the name Westfield sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is the brand of many shopping malls in America. Westfield Centro, located next to the Promenade, is Germany’s largest shopping mall. There were plenty of clothing, gaming, Haribo and coffee options as well as the “Coca Cola Oasis,” which looks like every mall food court I have ever seen in America. Until Dec. 23, a Christmas market will offer seasonal shopping and fun right outside of the mall.

Other Fun

Next to Westfield Centro is the Rudolf Weber Arena, the whole reason I was in Oberhausen in the first place. As far as a concert venue, I found it easy to navigate. It was not too big, so I didn’t get lost. However, it wasn’t so small that I felt crowded during the concert. I can only speak to my seat experience, but I felt that I had a great view for the price point of the ticket cost. I was seated in section 112 which was on the lower tier on the left, the second closest to the stage.

Seeing crowd with arms in the air, then,  on stage (from left to right) guitarist, drummer, lead singer and bassist.  From above, stage lights are shining down onto the band. From above, center stage: the album symbol, half sad-face and half smiling-face, lit above the stage.

Fall Out Boy on Stage ()

At the other end of The Promenade, there is a local kino (movie theater) that shows German and English-language movies, as well as a Lego Discovery Center and SeaLife Aquarium. While not on the Promenade, there is also a nearby Top Golf. You can hop on a Top Golf shuttle at several points in and around the Promenade so you can end your day of food and shopping hitting some golf balls at the indoor course.

If you are looking for a new place to escape for the weekend, Oberhausen should be moved to the top of your list.

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