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The cold has arrived. Celebrate the chilly season indoors with your best cosplay, medieval gear and pop culture knowledge at conventions and lectures this month.

Bricking Bavaria: Nov. 3-5: Fürth:  Featuring dioramas, building areas for kids and AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO®), and shopping opportunities at “one of the biggest LEGO® fan exhibitions of the year in Germany.”

YaYuCo (Yaoi and Yuri Convention): Nov. 3-5: Dachau: This is an 18+ con because the content/theme is for mature audiences only. This is a con for adult Yaoi and Yuri manga and anime fans.

Star Trek Lecture (as part of Night of Technology): Nov. 4: Koblenz: One of the reasons that Star Trek is great is because a lot of it is grounded in science and reality. Check out this lecture (in German) “Energy and Drive Technology on Star Trek,” as part of the Night of Technology event.

Intercomic: Nov. 4: Cologne: Shop comics, meet artists and check out “numerous exhibitors…[from]…one of the largest antiquarian comic bookstores in the German-speaking world.”

Saar Retro Exchange: Nov. 4: Völklingen: Featuring a focus on horror and mystery, buy and sell collectibles, toys, video games, play games, take a chance at winning a raffle, take pictures, attend a lecture and so much more.

Comic Book Fair: Nov.12: Berlin: Buy a comic book, attend a lecture and more at this “meeting place for fans, publishers and illustrators of graphic literature.”

qepHom (Klingon meeting): Nov. 18: Practice your Klingon and attend a lecture (in German) at this meeting of Trekkies.

Comic and Manga Convention: Nov. 18: Münster: Featuring artists, classic and new comics, figurines, merchants, workshops and toys.

DreieichCon: Nov. 18-19: Dreieich: Take part in one (or more) of the 200+ role-playing sessions (in German) across the two days. When you’re not playing, you can shop from vendors.

Star Trek Lecture: Nov. 24: Berlin: Check out this lecture (in German) at the University of Berlin.

Japanese Market: Nov. 26: Berlin: Celebrate Japanese culture at this day-long event.

Table Top Thursdays: Ramstein Enlisted Club: Every Thursday. (Must have U.S. military installation access).

Due to ever-changing regulations and sold-out events, make sure you check the website before traveling for an event. Also, inclusion of an event on the list is not an endorsement for the authenticity or quality of the event.

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