Little Boy Super Hero

Little Boy Super Hero ()

Usually, superheroes (and supervillains) get the “super” from the powers they have. Superman was the first superhero to have superpowers in comic books. He debuted almost 100 years ago in the 1930s. He could run faster than a train and had X-Ray vision! Since then, many more superheroes and super powers appeared.

Here are ten of our favorite super powers from the latest issue our of kids’ magazine, “Dandelions.” Did yours make the list?

1. Telekinesis: Moving things with your mind. (Dr. Strange) (Emma Frost from X-Men)

2. Flying: Getting around like an airplane or bird. (Owlette from PJ Masks) (Superman)

3. Talk to Animals: Can speak to and understand animals. (Aquaman) (Squirrel Girl)

4. Super Strength: The ability to pick up heavy objects like a van. (She-Hulk) (Goku from Dragon Ball)

5. Telepathy: Reading other people’s minds. (Professor X from X-Men) (Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy)

6. Invisibility: Make yourself disappear so no one can see you. (Invisible Girl from Fantastic Four) (Miles Morales Spider-Man)

7. Super Speed: The ability to run or travel super fast. (The Flash) (Power Girl)

8. Shape Shifting: Turn yourself into another person, animal or even an object. (Ms. Marvel) (Martian Manhunter)

9. Pyrokinesis: You can create and control fire. (Ghost Rider) (Firebird from the Avengers)

10. Teleportation: The ability to go from one place to another instantly. (Raven from Teen Titans) (Minato Namikaze from Naruto)

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