Photo by Laura Lefurgey

Photo by Laura Lefurgey ()

Reflecting on your time as a traveler can prove many things to you. The largest factor of all, traveling has made you a better person, situationally, personally and intellectually. The life lessons one gains from indulging in a lifestyle of exploration are impactful. As a young global traveler, there are lessons I am still learning and will continue to unveil, but I am confident in the what I have been taught from the traveling I have already done. These are just a few of the messages about life that traveling will reveal.

You’re responsible for your own safety. Always be alert of your surroundings. No one else will take care of your health and belongings like you can. Always plan accordingly to ensure your safety.

Learning or attempting to speak key phrases of a different language is appreciated by most locals. It is hard enough to break the language barrier. Depending on how friendly the locals are, many people are grateful when you at least attempt speaking their language.

Live simply in a chaotic world. With so much around us, it can be easy to forget to take a step back and live a simpler life of necessities. Understanding much simpler lifestyles around the world is a refreshing eye-opener to take it back to basics.

Always be open to trying new foods. Different cultures have curious foods that a guest may not be as open to trying. If you are openminded, trying the food, despite your preconceived notions, can lead to a new discovery!

Constantly research more about the world. When you travel often, it is almost instilled in you to crave more knowledge. Every country, city, village has a history so unique you’ve never heard anything like it before. Being eager to learn more expands your knowledge to civilizations you’ve never known.

Be more confident. If you can navigate a foreign country, you can do almost anything. Nothing has brought my confidence level up more than being introduced to new people and places around the world. While it was once easy for me to sit in the back of the room, traveling has taught me to partake in activities, ask more questions and be confident that I am able to do anything around me.

Be patient. Whether it’s something as frustrating as crossing the language barrier, waiting for the check when most Europeans are lax about how long they stay at a restaurant or trying to cross the street in a busy city, patience will get you a long way in situations that would aggravate many others.

Thanks to the art of travel, we can improve ourselves through what we learn along the way. The more we explore the world, the more we explore about ourselves. Coming to greater realizations as we go about the world is what makes traveling so worth it.

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