Spring break is over and summer leave is still several weeks away. If you are looking for the perfect weekend trip then consider heading to Mallorca, Spain. Mallorca is a great stop whether you are looking for a romantic weekend or a trip with your friends. Do not let the cost or back to back flights scare you away from heading to this beautiful island.

  1. Dozens of flights daily

Most people do not love the idea of flying on Saturday and then turning around to fly on Sunday but do not knock it until you have tried it! Most people stationed in Germany are just a few hours away from multiple different airports. By using the Skyscanner App, you can search roundtrip flights from all German airports to Mallorca. You can pick your departure and return flight. I always try to shoot for leaving around 9 a.m. in the morning for a weekend flight. I have tried to leave on the 6 a.m. flights, but I find that I am more exhausted because I have to get up so early to drive to the airport. For the return flights, I recommend the mid/late afternoon flights. I have found that between 4-7 p.m. is a sweet spot for return flights. It can be tempting to pick the latest flight of the day, but you will get burnt out on flying for weekend trips quickly if you continue to do that. Make sure to book weekend trip tickets several months in advance to get the best prices. Mallorca is a great option because there are so many flights. You will not have to worry about finding an affordable option or being stuck there if you miss a flight.

  1. Shopping, spas, food

Mallorca is one of the few places in Europe that is open on Sunday! It has all the major brands, department stores, and luxury goods really close together with great hours. Mallorca also has dozens of spas in hotels and around the island, so if you prefer a relaxing weekend you will not have to look far to find the best place to unwind. The food in Mallorca is some of the best in Europe. You will find incredible tasting menus and Michelin-starred restaurants around every corner. You are more likely to walk into a restaurant and find great food options than bad food. Insider Tip: If you enjoy doing yoga there are dozens of yoga studios in Mallorca. You should consider going there in the morning right after your flight to pass the time before check-in.

  1. Affordable luxury lodging

Mallorca is full of four- and five-star hotels at three-star prices. One of my absolute favorite hotels is the Nakar Hotel. It has a spa, rooftop pool/bar, an incredible restaurant, and even private jacuzzi suite options. Although I love the Nakar Hotel, there are incredible hotels just like this one throughout the entire island. When you are visiting Mallorca it is a great time to treat yourself to luxurious lodging especially if you plan on staying in the hotel and relaxing.

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