Gin is to London as beer is to Germany. Sure, you can spend hours online looking up the best bars in London, but what about the best bars that serve gin? If you’re a gin aficionado, check out this list of the top gin bars In London.

1. Coburg Bar

Located in The Connaught Hotel near Hyde Park, the Coburg provides a comfortable, homelike yet upscale atmosphere. Though the menu provides all the essential drinks a bar would have (classic cocktails, champagne, beer), the Coburg is known for their selection of gin such as Tanqueray, Plymouth, Sacred, Sipsmith and Fifty Pounds. Order a Gin and Tonic and lounge into their large plush armchairs as you sip to a great night ahead! Want to enjoy a relaxing evening?

2. East London Liquor Company

Brick buildings, giant glass sconces and gin make this distillery in East London one worth visiting. What used to be an old glue factory is now home to their house-made gin in copper stills that can be seen behind a glass wall. If you think you know gin, test your knowledge from an array of cocktails based on the distillery’s own gin. Clink glasses to a Marva Collins, their popular cocktail. To book a tour, or to learn more about their company, visit their website.

3. The Gibson

This prohibition themed cocktail bar is perfect for those who love the antique, vintage look. Adorned with copper and 1920s paraphernalia, The Gibson houses the finest gins and delicious cocktails, served in the most creative and aesthetic way. Some cocktails are even served in a light bulb! Though their menu can be overwhelming by how many cocktails are being served, order from their calendar menu where you can look at what drink is in season for a particular month.

4. Four Thieves

If you’re looking for a more down-to-earth and lowkey type of setting, visit Four Thieves, a “hipster” like bar filled with retro games, homemade gin, and even their own escape game in the basement. With 45 gins to offer, what gin lover wouldn’t love to enjoy an evening with their friends here? Enjoy the night playing vintage arcade games as you clink your glasses with the greatest company.

5. Little Bird Gin

As London can get quite expensive, head to Little Bird Gin on Maltby Street in South-East London for some delicious and inexpensive cocktails. This bar is decked out in vintage furniture and retro decor. Little Bird Gin is the mom and pop store of gin bars, but the gin-loving crew knows how to make great cocktails. Be sure to try their popular Seductive Pink-Grapefruit Nose!

Whether you prefer drinking a Gimlet, a Singapore Sling, a classic Gin Martini or the timeless Gin and Tonic, be sure to look out for these bars the next time you’re in London town.

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