Basset Hound sitting in front of fan with ears blowing back

Basset Hound sitting in front of fan with ears blowing back ()

Groom for warm weather. Days that are mild to us can be unbearable for our buddies wearing year-round fur. Make sure your pet’s coat is trimmed. If your dog doesn’t do haircuts, brush him to reduce shedding. I throw away a whole dog’s worth of fur every day, thanks to the fluffy undercoat on my Labrador mix, Jolene.

Ensure your dog has access to freshwater. Dogs need one ounce of water per pound of weight each day. This amount increases based on a variety of factors, including activity level and diet. A full water bowl at home is not all you need to remember. Take a portable dish — either a collapsible one, available at pet stores or a disposable Tupperware container — and water bottle while on walks. We’ve trained Jolene to drink from our Camelbaks, which is more convenient for us. We squirt from the hose a few inches from her mouth; it’s like a doggy water fountain.

Make home comfortable. Without air conditioning, European homes can get stuffy and hot. Give your dog a comfy spot on the lowest level of your house. Encourage your dog to sprawl out on the cool tile or wood floor, and set up a portable fan next to her favorite nap spot. Dogs that love water will appreciate romps in the sprinkler and lounging in a kiddie pool.

Avoid outdoor activities during the heat of the day. Schedule walks, play dates and other outings for early morning or late evening. Look for trails in wooded areas to keep your pup out of the sun and prevent his paws from burning on hot asphalt. Bring a squirt bottle to spray water on paws if they get too warm.

Take your pup for a swim. Choose a spot with a lake or pond, but make sure there are no signs forbidding dogs from entering.

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