Variety of bottle caps

Variety of bottle caps ()

Now that I’ve made my way through the collection of wine corks, it’s time to put my attention towards the much larger accumulation of bottle caps in my storage closet. Although I have this bottle cap map, perfect for collecting unique tops of craft brews from every U.S. state, where am I to put my multicolored and unique European caps?

If you’re looking for a project to craft and do something with your collection of bottle caps, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Wall art

Your imagination is really the only thing holding you back here. Organize your caps by color and get going! Landscapes, cool designs and patterns or block letters, you can put something unique together to hang up on the wall. For kids, you can create a template on a large sheet of paper and have them place their tops within the template, ready to be glued together.

  1. Garden art

Fun for all ages, this craft allows you to have pretty blooms to decorate your garden no matter the weather. You can organize caps by color or choose your own colors to paint and design. These can also be simple with one cap or elaborate with a more intricate and large design.

  1. Coasters

I don’t know about anyone else, but I do enjoy having seasonal coasters to set out and these bottle-cap coasters just shout summer and patio happy hour season. Choose your color, theme and shape and soon enough, you’ll have this special touch for your favorite beverage. For all the Oktoberfest and German beer lovers out there, maybe even making different coasters to represent a few different beers for your at-home Oktoberfest?

  1. Wind chime

This work of art may be a little over my crafting abilities, but I bet the creative artists out there could come up with something very cool. This one is so colorful, I can’t help but think it would brighten up a cold spring day and offer some unique ambiance with its auditory abilities.

  1. Tabletop

What I love about this idea is the versatility of a bottle cap tabletop. If you're looking for a fun, colorful or interactive surface for your kiddos, try starting a soda bottle cap collection! I’m thinking of all the fun soda bottle caps I used to collect when I was a kid. Or maybe you are in need of a cool piece for your home bar? Make your favorite beer bottle caps live on and be a point of conversation with a cocktail tabletop.

Whatever type of craft you choose to use your bottle caps for, the great thing with these is that they can bring back fun memories (like living in Europe and finding your new go-to soda or beer) and they can be conversation starters for guests looking for caps they recognize or new things to try.

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