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Are you interested in a rewarding career where you can make a difference? DoDEA Europe is looking to fill substitute teaching positions across the region.

I’d like to substitute, but I don’t have a college degree. Can I apply?

Yes! The minimum requirements for substitutes are:

  • High school diploma of GED

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship

  • Direct deposit account

  • Completion of a Tier 1 childcare background check

  • Age 18 or older

  • Transcripts if available

Reasons to Substitute Teach

  • Make a difference. Substitutes have the opportunity to positively impact students’ lives.

  • Flexible schedule. Looking for job flexibility? Look no further! Our substitutes select the days they are available to work.

  • Expand your skills. Gaining experience in the classroom setting builds skills that are applicable to many careers, including problem-solving, public speaking, and time management.

  • Join our family. As a substitute teacher, you become part of our family. If you are ever interested in seeking another position within our organization, your background check will already be complete.

  • It’s FUN!. Substitute teaching is an adventure through which you’ll meet many teachers and students.

A Day in the Life of a Substitute

A substitute teacher’s day will vary depending on the grade level and school. Generally, a substitute’s day follows this format:

  • Check in with the school’s main office for assignment.

  • Review teacher’s lesson plans before students arrive.

  • If possible, greet students at the classroom door.

  • Follow the teacher’s detailed instructions, which will include information about lunch and any changes in classes/subjects throughout the day.

  • Leave a review of the day for the teacher.

  • Tidy up the classroom and organize any student work.

  • Check out with the main office.

Apply online at USAJobs Europe East: Baumholder / Wiesbaden - Teacher (Substitute) Europe East: Ansbach / Stuttgart - Teacher (Substitute) Europe East: Garmisch / Grafenwoehr / Vilseck / Hohenfels - Teacher (Substitute) Europe East: Kaiserslautern / Vogelweh / Sembach / Landstuhl - Teacher (Substitute) Europe East: Ramstein - Teacher (Substitute) Europe West - Teacher (Substitute) Europe South - Teacher (Substitute)

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