Once you arrive in Germany, it’s easy to be swept up in planning your travel adventures. Glamorous cities such as Berlin and Munich often beckon. However, sometimes the real gems are hidden right in front of you, within a day-trip distance.
Nothing makes me happier than to finally hear birdsong in the cool, misty mornings of spring.  Nature seems to reflect the renewed sense of excitement in the air. Stark tree branches fill with leaves, pollen dusts the sidewalks and flowers have finally returned to the world.
Spring in Europe is almost magical. After long months of dreary cold, the days begin to slowly warm and lengthen. Barren trees and fields sprout buds and begin to change from brown and gray to shimmering hues of green and gold.
In the peaceful farmland and stately forests of the eastern part of Germany, just a few miles from the Czech Republic, you will find the remains of Flossenburg Concentration Camp. This was one of hundreds of camps run by the Nazis during World War II.
Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, the list goes on of the must-see historic treasures of London, England. While the flashy settings you’ve seen in movies are truly incredible, take time to step onto the quieter streets to discover some of my favorite hidden London gems.
In Hunsrück floats Germany’s most beautiful suspension bridge, the Geierlay. Walk through the forest to arrive at the 360-meter-long and 100-meter-high bridge over a valley and breathe in the fresh air.
Being stationed overseas offers military members and their families the opportunity to travel the world with more ease and less expense than if they were living in the States. When my husband and I arrived in Germany, we set out to travel as much of Europe as we could during our four-year tour.
Tiergarten Nuremberg is a very special destination that attracts more than one million visitors per year, making the almost 70-hectare facility one of the top tourist highlights in Germany.
So you’ve managed to put those tricky lodging and transportation pieces together and it’s official — you’ll be making your way to Normandy for the blowout celebrations commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings!
Still wondering what to do in your down time on your trip to Normandy? You could be on the go from dawn to dusk and still not exhaust all there is to see and do there. Here are a few more places well worth your attention:
Take in Bayeux’s famed tapestry
Florence, Italy, is synonymous with the great minds of Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, and Michelangelo. Even the namesake of the Americas, explorer Amerigo Vespucci, once called Florence home. 
Berlin may be Germany’s capital with millions populating the metropolis, but Hamburg is a close runner up. This busy port city is one of Europe's independent city-states with a rich history.
Ireland had been on my list of countries to visit for quite some time. When one of my best friends from college said she would fly from the States to travel with me, I knew Ireland was the place we should explore together. To make things really exciting, we decided to land in Ireland on St.
Though it would be ideal celebrating the day when everyone is Irish in Dublin, you can still shout “Slainte ” as you clink your glasses of Guinness in these five pubs throughout Germany to celebrate the luck of the Irish! 
I used to be an avid “Fear Factor” watcher. Perhaps a bit sadistic, but I couldn’t wait to see what kind of creepy crawlies or disgusting snacks Joe Rogan would dish out each week.
The best thing about European cities is all the history that awaits to be uncovered. From the museums housing a city’s most ancient artifacts to a memorial of an important battle — these places tell the story about how these cities came to be.