Once upon a time, you read bedtime stories of princesses and knights and dreamed of living 800 years ago. Then you awoke in Europe, where the legends began.
Your dad’s milestone birthday. A cousin’s wedding. The birth of your first niece. The need to be with friends in family in times of crisis or celebration.
While traditional lodging may work for some, many hotels are getting imaginative with the type of experience they bring to their guests.
Sharing borders with Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is a small country with numerous historical sites.
If art, design and architecture play a major factor in your choice of accommodations, then consider one of Europe’s eye-catching, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring art and design hotels for your
Aside from a man’s best friend — the dog, friends are important to have. The adventurous, funny and perhaps embarrassing moments will make for great stories down the road.
When traveling in Europe, cathedral spires often seem as numerous as souvenir shops and restaurants. Notre Dame, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica are on everyone’s bucket list.
Italy is a dreamy country filled with countless treasures from architectural masterpieces and picturesque coastal towns to some of the world’s best food and experiences waiting to be had.  As you e
Just because it’s cold outside does not mean you have to be stuck at home or indoors. The holiday flurry is over, so pull out your ski and snowboarding gear for some outdoor fun and exercise.
Witnessing the Northern Lights takes both a little astronomical forecasting and a bit of luck.
Solar max and the lights
Planning a trip to a new country can be hard. Planning a six-day trip and trying to cram an entire country is even more difficult.
As nice as it is to be able to travel around Europe with your significant other, sometimes, we all need to take a little getaway with just friends.
What’s almost as much fun as traveling? Planning that next big trip!
The Danish capital Copenhagen is not only home to the Royal Family and colorful waterfront buildings, but also to affordable experiences if you look hard enough.
German New Year’s Eve is also referred to as Sylvester Night. Named after a fourth century pope, the Feast of Saint Sylvester falls on December 31st.
New Year’s is one of the only holidays celebrated by nearly every country and is almost universally a time for family, friends and festivities.