Every December from the time I was a toddler to my junior year of high school, my mother hosted a dessert buffet.
Is there someone on your gift list who’d appreciate a pretty plate, decorative vase or flower-bedecked teacup?
Norman Rockwell’s oil painting, “Freedom from Want,” is an iconic representation of the American holiday meal.
The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to outfit foodies with all the tools they need to make cooking more efficient and delicious. Not sure where to start? Here are a few smart ideas.
The avid traveler on your gift list will no doubt appreciate an item that suggests their upcoming is just around the corner.
While browsing the stalls at the Christmas market, small wooden figures with wide “O”s for mouths and pipes in their hands might well have caught your eye.
Twinkling lights and smells of gingerbread greet me around every turn. Even the star atop the tree seems to be signaling that Santa is on his way.
Asbach is a brandy produced on the basis of wine distillates and a specialty of one of our favorite charming towns along the Rhine: Rüdesheim.
Marzipan is a tasty confection made up of ground almonds, sugar and various flavorings.
While you can’t put a bratwurst in a stocking, what you can put in is a form of a pledge to serve it at its tasty best.
It’s a proven fact that many of us gain weight during the holidays. It’s just not as much as you may think. Several studies found that on average holiday weight gain is around 1 pound.
Every evening, my boys look forward to opening the next door on their Advent calendar to retrieve the sweet treats hidden inside.
On the occasion of the made-up holiday Bathtub Party Day, it’s the perfect day to speak about the wonderful world of Kneipp health and beauty products.
"In der Weihnachtsbäckerei, gibt es manche Leckerei, Zwischen Mehl und Milch, macht so mancher Knilch, eine riesengroße Kleckerei. In der Weihnachtsbäckerei"
If the tastes of a nation are formed from birth, there’s no better evidence to support this theory than by means of a stroll through the aisles of a German toy store.