When we moved to Europe, my mom prepared her bucket list of places she wanted to visit, with Rome at the top. We had heard stories of pickpockets and petty crime, but we brushed it off. Surely, it wouldn’t happen to us.
Usually not ranking too high on bucket lists, one would be remiss in skipping over this city during their European travels. It’s rich in history, traditional and remarkable landmarks one has to see to truly appreciate.
Being a lifelong Beatles fan, I was so excited to be able to visit Liverpool — the birthplace of my favorite band — and see the iconic setting that, until that point, I had only read about in books.
Looking for adventure? Getting a little tired of seeing cathedral after cathedral? Wanting something different from the familiar European vibe of traveling. Interested in authentic and less touristy?
On a train from Manchester to London King’s Cross station, the idea for the Harry Potter series came to J.K. Rowling and she immediately started writing. The plots were outlined over the course of five years, and the first of seven books was published in June 1997.
It can be overwhelming to live in a different country with a different language and culture. But one of the blessings hidden in the chaos is the prospect of discovery.
Though Europe may be a small continent, the amount of unrefined and timeless places to explore are anything but. From the design of the buildings to the overall atmosphere, some European cities can only be described with one word — alluring.
Summer’s here and there’s no shortage of places to visit while in Europe. Packed with sights and good food, Venice, Italy is one hot spot that has it all.
Denia is about 40 minutes outside of the famous city of Valencia and is perfect for travelers seeking more of an off-the-beaten-path destination. Away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia, it allows guests to relax, while also offering a variety of places to stay, eat, drink and shop.
Traveling Europe with young children calls for a delicate balancing act worthy of a prima ballerina. Well-intentioned moms and dads understand that experiencing the sights, sounds, customs, flavors and historical significance of a different culture is a valuable educational experience.
Whether visiting a European capital, escaping to the wilderness, or balancing your bucket list with the kids’, you’ll find funky, fun and often affordable themed accommodations.
Rustic and rural refinement 
My hands were shaking as I clasped the rough stone railing of the Charles Bridge and peered down at the black waters of the Vltava River rushing below. The iconic twin-spires of the Týn Church loomed against the night sky as fog edged in over the city.
I dumped the contents of my purse onto the bed. Although I should have been, I wasn’t surprised to see what tumbled out: two Skittles; an empty package of baby wipes; a deflated balloon; a set of matchbox cars; a solitary plastic dinosaur; a package of crumbled peanut butter crackers with a smeared...
Decision made: We would spend 10 days in southern Spain, exploring the cities and terrain in a rental car, while making a Seville apartment our home base.
Some may remember the fictional cartoon character named Popeye.
Seasoned weekend trippers know the value of traveling light. But even those winging it on a budget airline flight know there are some things it pays to have along in a travel kit.