Crystal clear, sparkling blue water, the warm sunshine beating down on your back, mountainous islands just barely visible in the distance and nothing but you and a horse, and perhaps a friend or two. Intrigued? You should be.
Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city with many architectural highlights boasting creativity.
Named the “Island of a Hundred Cities” by Homer, Crete is one of the most beautiful and vivacious Grecian islands. A place of rich cultural background, the island’s inhabitants trace their heritage to Europe’s first civilization, the Minoans.
In August A.D. 79, thousands of residents were going about their daily routines when a torrent of volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius buried the city of Pompeii. Shrouded in hardened ash 30 feet deep, the people, animals and buildings were suspended in time.
Game of Thrones may be over, but you can still bring a little bit of that HBO magic back into your life by visiting some of these stunning GOT filming locations in Europe.
Warning: Some spoilers may lie ahead.
Athens, one of Europe’s oldest cities, promises nothing short of countless sights to see and delicacies to enjoy. Housing an abundant amount of history and culture, Greece’s capital is filled with a plethora of experiences.
The impending task of preparing the perfect itinerary for visitors can be daunting. With location demands, budget restrictions and the pressure to please everyone on their European getaway, things can get out of hand quickly.
Experience the idyllic culture on your next holiday by island hopping in Greece. To island hop, pick a cluster of islands in close vicinity. Greece’s islands are separated into six clusters.
CoCo Channel said it best, “I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I’m not.” This luxurious wine is often confused with other sparkling wines, but real champagne must be produced in a specific region in France in order to be worthy of the title Champagne.
Spring break is over and summer leave is still several weeks away. If you are looking for the perfect weekend trip then consider heading to Mallorca, Spain. Mallorca is a great stop whether you are looking for a romantic weekend or a trip with your friends.
Tucked on the western corner of Europe, Portugal is a dynamic country known for port wine, tiled buildings and some of the best surfing in the world — yet there is so much more to discover.
Strategically located right smack in the middle of Europe, one of my favorite things about living in Germany is the sheer ease of travel.
Some parents may be a little gun-shy when planning travels in Europe. Let’s be honest, it won’t be the romantic holiday you may have pictured prior to your pint-sized crew. However, you can still enjoy any European city with your kiddos regardless of their age.
After you’ve settled in your new European digs, it’s time to start planning your adventures. It’s easy to think of the glitz and glamour of Paris, or the historical monuments dotting Utah and Omaha beaches in the Normandy region.
Though spring in Germany is beautiful with its colorful flowers in bloom, the cold and harsh winter has left some of us depleted of much-needed Vitamin D.
Between hiking through mountains and kayaking on pristine lakes, Germany has no shortages of outdoor activities. Its beautiful nature is the reason the term the “great outdoors” was invented.