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Looking for adventure? Getting a little tired of seeing cathedral after cathedral? Wanting something different from the familiar European vibe of traveling. Interested in authentic and less touristy?
I have thoroughly enjoyed all our adventures throughout Europe so far. I have to admit, before our first trip, I was pretty anxious about traveling with little ones. After all, other people do it all the time, right? How hard could it be…? HA! Some moments were pure bliss.
When you’re preparing for a military move, having a pet can add another layer of complexity, particularly if you’re moving overseas. But you know the drill: spend some upfront time planning and preparing, and you can ease some of the stress of relocating for both you and your pet.
On a train from Manchester to London King’s Cross station, the idea for the Harry Potter series came to J.K. Rowling and she immediately started writing. The plots were outlined over the course of five years, and the first of seven books was published in June 1997.
Though Europe may be a small continent, the amount of unrefined and timeless places to explore are anything but. From the design of the buildings to the overall atmosphere, some European cities can only be described with one word — alluring.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Aug. 2-26 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Actors, dancers, singers, comedians and other international performing artists take their creative energies to the city streets.

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