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Wondering what to do this weekend? Check out these awesome events happening near you!
Norman Rockwell’s oil painting, “Freedom from Want,” is an iconic representation of the American holiday meal.
Growing up, one of my favorite board games was the Game of Life. I loved hearing the clicking spin of the wheel, and wondering what path my “life” would take. Would I end up with twins?
Below are some tips provided by members of the U.S. military community who are experienced European travelers:
Before you go:
Often military families are so preoccupied with the logistics of PCSing, that the academic needs of the child gets overlooked. Here are a few quick tips to help your child have a smooth take-off fr
For 2,000 years Speyer has played an influential role in European religion, politics and commerce. Today this city along the Rhine is booming with historical sites waiting to be discovered.

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