Take part in the annual AWAG seminar

Take part in the annual AWAG seminar

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published: February 27, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered how you can foster change in your community, then you might want to join forces with a team of facilitators whose primary mission is to empower people with resources they need to make a difference. Americans Working Around the Globe (AWAG) is a non-profit private organization comprised of volunteers whose mission is to train, strengthen and connect volunteers, their organizations and their communities.

What’s AWAG all about?
Since 1946, AWAG has been providing its services to volunteers by adapting and growing to community needs and demands. The future requires the skills of a multitude of dedicated, trained volunteers. Throughout the years, AWAG has positioned itself as a vital organization that offers and assists volunteer teams with the necessary tools needed to enhance communities throughout Europe. 

Representing all branches of the armed forces and civilians serving within the European footprint, AWAG seeks to accomplish its mission though leadership and development training, promoting volunteerism, and fostering relationships between American community members and their local national and international neighbors.

AWAG seminars
AWAG hosts one-day seminars in 11 regional areas, which are open to all community members to participate in at a minimal cost.  The seminars include community-specific topics coupled with quality speakers and subject-matter experts whose ideas inspire and motivate attendees.

Each spring, a four-day working seminar is coordinated to provide volunteers a forum to enhance their skills, network and generate new ideas for personal and professional advancement. A wide range of professionals conduct workshops to provide volunteers effective and meaningful leadership training.

The next annual seminar takes place April 23-28, 2017 at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany. Though the registration deadline has passed, you can still apply for a spot on a space-available basis. Find out more and register on AWAG's website

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