German-American Veterans Initiative

German-American Veterans Initiative (GAVI)

Strategic military alliances share not only combat and training deployments due to the scope of globalized security missions, but they share the one thing nobody is talking about: an ever-increasing number of veterans.

Even though Germany and the United States have closely operated in the same theaters for over 30 years, the veterans of both nations who reside in Germany are further apart here at home, than they were in the command center or on the battlefield.

The German-American Veterans Initiative (GAVI) aims to shrink this distance and bring that together which belongs together.

With mutual events such as Cook-Outs, Motorcycle Cruises, Concerts and just plain old get-togethers, the Vets from these two powerhouses have a chance to meet up and exchange those stories and experiences which are unique to those who have served in our armed forces.

If you are a combat or a non-combat vet, support GAVI by being a part of the growing International Brotherhood of Veterans who while living on foreign soil, learn and socialize with those of your Host Nation.

Our next Event will be on the 24th of February at the Multi-Purpose Hall (Bürgerhaus) Hauptstrasse 77A in 66882 Hütschenhausen, about 6 km from the Ramstein Air Field West Gate.

More Information is available on our Facebook page:

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