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Fall is here. Celebrate pumpkin spice season with your best cosplay, medieval gear and pop culture knowledge during this month filled with conventions.

MagicCon 6: Sept. 29- Oct. 1: Bonn: Meet guest stars from the realm of fantasy and mystery, attend lectures and workshops, wear cosplay and more.

Berlin Book Fair: Sept. 30- Oct. 1: Berlin: Over 300 publishers and authors are present to talk about their books and projects.

German Salvatore Brothers Con: Sept. 30- Oct. 1: Dortmund: “The Vampire Diaries” fans can get together, meet the stars and attend Q-and-A sessions.

German Hunters Con: Sept. 30- Oct. 1: Dortmund: “Shawdowhunters” fans can get together, meet the stars and attend Q-and-A sessions.

Medieval Market: Sept. 30- Oct. 3: Gelterswoog, Kaiserslautern: Travel back in time for this market.

Japan Day: Oct. 1: Frankfurt: Learn about Japanese cultures and basic Japanese words, practice origami and more.

International Game Days: Oct. 5-8: Essen: Dress up as your favorite character and go to the “world’s largest public fair for games” and try over 1,000 games from all over the globe as well as check out some comics and toys.

Nicon 2023: Oct. 6-8: Hannover: This con features anime, a games room, cosplaying, special guests, workshops and more.

FrankenMEXX: Oct. 7: Nuremberg: Attend this meeting of anime, manga and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

Heroes XP: Oct. 7-8: Cologne: Wear cosplay, meet special guests, play games and more.

Polaris Con: Oct. 13-15: Hamburg: Shop the retro flea market, take part in a workshop or tournament, wear your cosplay and more.

RetroGames Con: Oct. 14: Annweiler: Experience all of the nostalgia with all the best games and fandoms of the 1980s and more.

POTT Phantastika: Oct. 14-15: Gelsenkirchen: Check out this book fair for fantasy lovers.

Medieval Market: Oct. 14-15: Korbach: Travel back in time for this market.

BIJUTSU: Oct. 21: Düsseldorf: Anime and manga fans can shop the artist alley, wear their cosplay and compete in the cosplay competition, drink Boba tea and more.

BuCon: Oct. 21: Dreieich: Find your next favorite book at this con.

Manga and Entertainment Expo: Oct. 20-22: Berlin: Featuring a Japanese garden, special guests, dealer jungle, artist alley, Bubble Tea, games room, cosplay, three event stages and competitions.

PlayCon: Oct. 22-23: Trier: Featuring interactive gaming experience for those into indie games, esports, stage acts and gaming stations.

Anime Festival: Oct. 27-29: Kassel: Compete in the cosplay contest, watch anime, meet special guests, attend a workshop and more.

Fairy Tale & Legend Days: Oct. 27-29: Reichelsheim im Odenwald: Enjoy musical programs, lectures, readings and more.

Comic and Manga Convention: Oct. 28: Bremen: Featuring comics, manga, “artist avenue,” and dealers.

TimeLash: Oct. 28-29: Kassel: The con for Dr. Who fans.

SaarCon: Oct. 28-29: Saarbrücken | Featuring card games, board games, roleplaying games, miniature games, shopping opportunities and cosplay contest.

Table Top Thursdays: Ramstein Enlisted Club: Every Thursday.

Due to ever-changing regulations and sold-out events, make sure you check the website before traveling for an event. Also, inclusion of an event on the list is not an endorsement for the authenticity or quality of the event.

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