dog waiting for the subway

dog waiting for the subway ()

Stockholm is a stunning waterfront city spread throughout 14 islands and there is no better way to experience this city than by taking a cruise. Since we travel everywhere with our furry friend, Jasper, we were delighted to discover that Viking Line hosts a dog-friendly cruise between Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden. Guests can embark from either city, but we opted to begin our cruise in Helsinki and sail to Stockholm.

Walking onto the ship, we weaved our way through the bustling crowd to find assistance. “You’re on the captain’s level,” a crewmember informed us. Dumbfounded, we entered the elevator and ascended to the top level. Pulling out our special access key and fully expecting to be rejected, we watched in awe as the locked hallway labeled captain’s quarters popped open with a click.

“This is our room?” We exclaimed in shock. Zooming past us, Jasper leaped onto the king-sized bed and began to make himself at home. Champagne, soft drinks, and snacks filled the complimentary mini bar situated beside our flat-screen television. The room was a grand size and adorned with a private balcony. Feeling the ship move, we wandered outside to bask in the passing view. Raising his snout in the air, Jasper sniffed the welcoming sea breeze as our journey to Stockholm began.

For one delightful evening, we enjoyed live entertainment, fine dining, and even an onboard club. At breakfast the following morning, we savored endless Swedish delights. While my husband indulged in the caviar bar, I found myself returning time and time again for another taste of the green icing and raspberry filling in the traditional Swedish Prinsesstårta cake. The fantastic food and staff were truly a highlight of this cruise.

As our ship weaved through Stockholm’s many islands, we perched outside on our balcony to enjoy what felt like a sightseeing boat tour of the city. When it came time to disembark, we made our way into the heart of Stockholm where we stayed at the Radisson Blue Waterfront Hotel. Since this hotel was situated next to the main train station, it was the perfect home base for our weekend in the city.

If there’s one thing we enjoyed most about Stockholm, it would have to be how easy the city is to navigate with a dog. All public transportation allows dogs, bars welcomed our pup with open arms, and many restaurants offered Jasper a blanket or bed while we dined. While most museums in the city do not allow dogs, there were still plenty of tourist activities that we could enjoy with Jasper in tow. He particularly loved meeting the Royal Guards and posing for pictures with them outside the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

While Stockholm is a waterfront city, it is also incredibly green and lush. Springtime brings fresh blooms and is perfect for visits to the famed Bergius Botanic Garden or an afternoon kayaking through the national park. A stroll through Gamla Stan, also known as Old Town, is a wonderful way to spend the day as well. If you’re looking for an adventure this spring, Jasper certainly gives Stockholm two paws up.

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