Tulip fields in The Netherlands

Tulip fields in The Netherlands (James Hunter)

Visiting the Bollenstreek, the flower bulb region of The Netherlands, is a springtime ritual that must be experienced at least once. This geographical area stretches from Leiden to Haarlem and encompasses the heart of the historical province of Holland. There are hundreds of tulip fields in the area, the most well-known being those owned by the Keukenhof gardens. However, there is a lot more on offer in the Bollenstreek beyond the tourist attractions.

For a perfect Dutch-style spring outing, try biking. Cycle routes abound in The Netherlands and paved trails are well signed. It is easy to simply hop on your bike with a string of villages in mind and follow the signs to create a route between them. For an outdoor adventure involving tulip fields, windmills and a pop out to the beach, try an all-day 30 km loop between the towns of Voorhout, Lisse (where you will pass Keukenhof), Nordwijkerhout and Noordwijk. Bike rentals are available from the nationwide OV-fiets bike system at the Voorhout train station. See for details.

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Windmills in The Netherlands

Windmills in The Netherlands (James Hunter)

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