Landscape on the Faroe Islands with cliffs blue ocean and green grass

Landscape on the Faroe Islands with cliffs blue ocean and green grass ()

After PCSing to Germany a few years ago, my husband revealed to me that his number one travel wish list destination was a place called the Faroe Islands. My first thought was, “what are the Faroe Islands?” Little did I know how much I, too, would fall in love with this beautiful area!

Where are the Faroe Islands?

The best way to describe their location is to say they are between the British Isles and Iceland. It feels like an undiscovered travel spot, but it has been gaining more and more attention in the past few years.

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark: Danish Krone is used there (not euros), and you will only need standard EU power adapters.

Why visit?

The Faroe Islands are full of beautiful landscapes! If you love the green countryside of Ireland and Scotland, then you’ll adore the Faroe Islands.

Sheep on green grass with blue sky in the Faroe Islands

Sheep on Faroe Islands (Kristen Thoennes)

Another reason to visit is to check out the wide variety of sheep that live on the islands. There are about 70 different kinds!  Sheep outnumber people on the Faroe Islands. You are bound to see many while driving, hiking and exploring. One breed called the Faroese sheep, can be seen in a variety of colors like grey, chestnut, black or a mix. They are believed to have come to the Faroe Islands by way of Norse settlers during the Viking age. Over time, other breeds were imported from Iceland and Scotland. The Faroese have a proverb that translates to “wool is Faroese gold.” It was once the local currency. Grab a wool sweater, beanie, or yarn to take home to remember your time here.

If you are a James Bond fan, visit the Faroe Islands to pay respects at his grave on Kalsoy Island. My husband and I took a guided hike up the mountain. We are not 007 fans, but the hike is worth it for the views!

The Faroe Islands are largely connected by roads through tunnels, three of which are underwater. Did you know that the Faroe Islands are home to the world’s first undersea roundabout? Between the 18 islands that make up the Faroe Islands, there are 20 tunnels with more than 10 planned for construction.

The myths and legends of the Faroe Islands, much like those in Ireland and Scotland, are magical and intriguing. One of the enchanting myths is about the Seal Woman. The Faroese believe that seals were once people who have died. Once a year, they come on shore and shed their skins to become human again. One time on this night, a man fell in love with one of the seal women and snatched her seal skin so that she would remain a woman. They get married and have children, but one day she discovers her seal skin and returns to the ocean. While visiting the islands, take the opportunity to learn about the Seal Woman and the Nykur of Sørvágsvatn their many myths and legends.

How to get there?

We flew with a stop in Bergen, Norway. Driving in the Faroe Islands is easy and the best way to get around to all or most of the sights, so be sure to rent a car from the airport.

Open stained glass gate revealing gravel walkway leading to church

Church in Faroe Islands ()

Where to stay?

There are many Airbnb accommodations to choose from. We selected one on a sheep farm in Rituvík with a gorgeous view. As guests, we were allowed to wander through the fields with the sheep for an up close and personal experience that is unique and wonderful.

When to visit?

We visited at the end of the tourist season in September. Visiting during the height of the tourist season (June through August) is recommended to make the most of your time and have the full list of activities at your disposal. Make sure to allow some downtime to drive around, make stops, and enjoy the quiet and amazing scenery.

Ready to go?

The Faroe Islands maintains a fantastic website to help you select accommodations, book tours, and learn more about what to expect on your visit to their beautiful country. Add this one to your travel wish list. You will not regret it!

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