A line of different types of pets: dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, etc.

A line of different types of pets: dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, etc. ()

If you’ve brought your furry friend to Germany, you must register them at your installation’s veterinary clinic within the first 14 days of arriving.


When you enter Germany, you will need a health certificate filled out by a USDA accredited veterinarian and signed by an APHIS Veterinary Medical Officer. This can be a complicated process, so set up an appointment with your vet early to ensure your pet is compliant with EU regulations such as vaccinations and an ISO 15-digit microchip.

Required vaccinnations and recommended preventatives

German veterinarians can guide you on what vaccinations and preventative treatments your animals will need each year. Most vet clinics will want to make sure your dog is protected against distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, rabies, hepatitis and kennel cough.


Most installation vet offices do not provide after-hours emergency care, so ask for a list of clinics (Tierarztpraxis) on the German economy. Many vet clinics have English-speaking staff and accept VAT forms.


  • Animals must never be left tied up and unattended.

  • Keep your dog leashed in populated areas and anytime someone approaches.

  • Shelter must always be provided for your pet.

  • Food and water must always be easily accessible for your pet.

  • You are expected to give your dog adequate attention and exercise.

  • Barking, howling or whining for 10 minutes continuously, or more than 30 minutes total, per day is considered a noise disturbance.



  • All pets must have their 15-digit international microchip.

  • If you’re taking the train, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for your pet.

  • EU Pet Passport must be with you and your pet at all times when traveling.

  • Animals must be contained while riding in vehicles (carrier or harness).


If you arrived without pets and ship them later, they will need current vaccinations and health records. If arriving at Frankfurt or Ramstein, you’ll be charged an importation fee. Contact the Frankfurt airport’s animal protection officer at +49 (0) 6969021366 if your pet will be arriving there unaccompanied. Pet travel during extreme summer and winter temperatures may be prohibited, depending on the breed and airline. Dogs descending from dangerous breeds may be forbidden from importation.

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