Woman holding cell phone on couch

Woman holding cell phone on couch ()

Upon arrival, getting your cell phone set up is vital. The good news is you have a variety of options and resources to get you connected.


  • Vodafone

  • Deutsche Telekom

  • E-Plus

  • TKS

  • SIGA 

  • O2

Service contracts

• Approximately two years.

• Breaking contracts is expensive, and renewals are often automatic.

• Ask about military exceptions.

• Ask about “young” deals if under the age of 28.

• Exchange Mobile Centers and TKS provide PCS/TDY cancellation terms for their customers.

Pre-pay option

• Offer basic services without contracts.

• Add minutes online and on the economy in grocery stores, retail centers and gas stations.

What to bring for a cell phone plan

• PCS Orders

• Military ID

• APO Address

• German bank account information

Apps to communicate internationally for free

• Skype

• Facebook Messenger

• WhatsApp

• Facetime

• Google Hangouts

Note: When you arrive, put your phone in airplane mode to avoid unexpected charges prior to setting up a phone plan.

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