Older teen sitting at a wooden table on the left side talking with older veteran, Bob Beisner, sitting on the right side

Interviewing Bob Beisner (Luke Basso, Filmperia)

The men and women who put on the uniform to serve their country have gone above and beyond for us. The impact that Veterans play in our society is important and it is crucial to honor what they did for us. I am a high school senior that lives in the United States. Taking an interest in military and political history has led to the creation of my YouTube channel, Filmperia. On Filmperia, you can see interviews of veterans and historical witnesses from WWII through today. Over 60 interviews and two mini documentaries can be found here. Persevering their stories is essential for our future.

Recently, I interviewed Vietnam Veteran, Bob Beisner. He originally intended to become an armored officer when he joined the U.S. Army in May 1967. However, Beisner ended up becoming an infantry platoon leader. He was a second lieutenant in the 25th Infantry Division. During his first combat experience, his unit was under intense enemy fire. Beisner thought to himself how he was a dedicated Christian, and he could not take the life of another human. He realized it was either his life or their lives and shot back at them. This was only the beginning of his tour.

The closest call Beisner had was when a booby trap went off causing an explosion. He went flying in the air and he could see the light in his eyes before he hit the ground. One of his soldiers rushed towards him and said, “Lieutenant, you just had the strangest look on your face.”

For more about the in depth reality of being an infantry officer during the Vietnam War, watch the rest of Beisner’s interview on Filmperia.

For inquiries or to suggest a Veteran or historical witness comfortable with being interviewed on my channel, please email me at It is important to preserve history!

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