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Volunteering is an amazing activity for all times of the year, and for all ages. From humanities to science and history, volunteering is a project that is available to everyone, regardless of location. Here are some online and in person volunteering ideas for all interest groups:

History and Linguistics

Library of Congress

An online volunteering opportunity, the Library of Congress is looking for people of all ages to transcribe historical documents, scripts, sheet music and more. It is a great way to get involved with history on the national level.


Another online transcription volunteering opportunity, the Smithsonian is looking for people to help write down historical documents and court cases. Again, it is a challenging, but interesting, way to make an impact nationally.

Meaningful Teens

A linguistics and humanitarian volunteering effort, Meaningful Teens is a program in which people teach math, English and literacy to people in need. Other projects include education activism, culture and debate. Students and teachers are welcome to sign up.


Local Thrift Store

Many bases around the world have nonprofit thrift stores that benefit the community through groups like installation spouses clubs. Volunteering there can help the community fundraise for important programs and projects on a large scale. 

Fisher House

The Fisher House has many opportunities to help out. Volunteers can help with groundskeeping, cooking, baking and becoming ambassadors. The Fisher House is a nonprofit aiming to give a home away from home to families who have sick or injured family members in the military.

United Service Organizations

The United Service Organizations, known as USO, is always looking for volunteers. Volunteers help organize large scale events, projects and fundraisers. USOs are found globally in support of the military.


STEM Share Kids

Middle and high schoolers across the country can volunteer to teach elementary school students science, math and technology subjects. This program is online and is open all times of the year to interested students.

All of these opportunities and many more are available for students and adults alike. Volunteering can be fun and rewarding, as well as a great space for learning more about others. More information can be found at local religious spaces, libraries and other community spaces.

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