volunteer at a library

volunteer at a library ()

Volunteering can be such a fulfilling activity. Every other month, we will highlight a new organization or event for those who are looking to learn more about the services and resources available to them as well as for those who are looking to give back to the community.

This month we are featuring on-base libraries. I interviewed Kim Dulle from Patch Library, and she shared some insights into what it was like to volunteer.

Kim was drawn to volunteering at the library about a year and a half ago. She noted, “I love the library and reading. So, this way I can touch all the books [and] when I’m putting books away, I find new books.” As a fellow lover of books, I totally get the “book-touching” adoration.

Along with putting books away, she has the daunting task of book repair for books that have been, as Kim so aptly put it, “well-loved.” We both laughed as she described a giant jar of book glue that she utilizes to piece the books back together.

Some of her favorite programs at the library are the numerous kids’ programs, the summer reading program and the scavenger hunts. She elaborated with:

“After the kids get out of school, it’s like they have kind-of something to look forward to, and it keeps them reading. And they really do check out a lot of books. I put them away, so I know.”

Kim loves to help out in the children’s area of the library and help people find a specific book they are looking for or suggest a new title. When asked about the most fulfilling aspects of volunteering Kim stated, “I really enjoy the librarians and the kids that come in. They’re always asking, ‘where is this book’ and I just love to watch them reading.”

Kim emphasized the importance of having on-base libraries while living overseas. Kim noted that “it makes me sad when people don’t know that the resource is there…if you need the internet or a computer when you’re PCS’ing in or out. There’s a lot there [at the library].”

When stationed in the States, families may be able to access a local library more easily. However, having an on-base library while living overseas provides resources to families that they may not have access to on the economy including a wide range of English-language books, free computer and internet access and much more. She talked about the nice children’s area where even the smaller kids can do activities like coloring.

Kim emphasized that there is “a lot to take away” from volunteering with the library, such as learning new things and perhaps even some gaining skills that will look great on a resume. Whether you go to check out a book or DVD, take part in a scavenger hunt or volunteer, there is something for everyone at the library. Those interested in volunteering can do what Kim did and simply walk in and talk to a staff member or you can use the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS).

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