a girl holding her time capsule

a girl holding her time capsule ()

A time capsule is a sealed container that is supposed to be opened in the future. People put things inside it that represent themselves or their time. The items help to preserve the memory of that moment.

Read about some famous time capsules here.

“How to make a time capsule ”

1.    Decide what your time capsule is for. Does it show your daily life? Is it a family memory? Is it for a special occasion?

2.    Choose what goes into it.

Here are some common ideas:

  • Newspapers

  • Pictures

  • School work

  • Coins

  • Handprints

  • Letters to the future

  • Postcards

3.    Find a container. If you will bury it outside, a metal container is best. If you will keep it inside, a shoe box or plastic box will work.

Items ready to go into a time capsule

Items ready to go into a time capsule ()

4.    Decide when it will be opened. Next year? In three years? When you are a senior in High School? Write this on the outside of your container.

5.    Have a sealing ceremony. Gather your family to see the contents one last time. Then, seal it up. Now you can bury it or store it in your house!

The International Time Capsule Society (ITCS) keeps a record of all the time capsules in the world. They are stored in the “Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Library.” You can see a map of the time capsules on their website: Anyone can register their time capsule with the ITCS library. Lots of school classes have made time capsules.

Boy burying his time capsule

Boy burying his time capsule ()

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