Children as little researchers and explorers look at a leaf with a magnifying glass

Children as little researchers and explorers look at a leaf with a magnifying glass ()

Kids are amazing. All over the world, every day, there are kids making a difference. Check out some of these cool kids who have done cool things.

Abbey Fleck was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. In 1993, eight-year-old Fleck noticed her parents having issues with leftover bacon fat after a great bacon breakfast. She invented the “Makin Bacon.” It lets people hang bacon to cook in the microwave. This method creates less mess. In 1994, Makin Bacon was featured in Parade Magazine as a “hot new food item.” Fleck became a millionaire by the time she was a teenager.

12-year-old Polish tween Rafał Biros holds the Guinness World Record for “youngest person to discover a comet.” Within two years of finding his first comet, he discovered 10 more! He first became interested in astronomy (the study of the universe and everything in it) in kindergarten. His first comet is named “SOHO-4094.”

From Austin, Texas, U.S.A., Micaila Ulmer was only 10 years old in 2015 when she appeared on the popular TV show, “Shark Tank,” with her “BeeSweet Lemonade.” She began her lemonade business with one stand at four years old. Today, she has made more than 10 million dollars in sales. You can find her products in stores like Target, Whole Foods Market and Publix.

In 1824, 15-year-old French teen Louis Braille created a series of raised dot sequences that became an alphabet used by blind people. It makes it much easier for them to read. He named this new alphabet after himself, calling it “Braille.” He became blind at age three. Before he created the new alphabet, blind people had to read using raised versions of the letters from the regular alphabet. That old way was hard and took a long time.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist (someone who raises awareness about important topics). In 2012, when she was only 12 years old, she survived an attack on her bus ride from school by people who did not think that girls should be allowed to go to school. Now she teaches people about the importance of education. She works to ensure that girls all over the world can receive 12 years of education. In 2014, she won the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the youngest person to win this prize.

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