A display holding school supply lists at the entry to the Ramstein BX

A display holding school supply lists at the entry to the Ramstein BX ()

DoDEA schools across most of Europe begin on August 21, 2023. Some schools, such as those in Belgium and Bahrain follow a different schedule. Be sure to check your school webpage at or check the regional calendars for an accurate school year schedule.

School supply lists are out now, and are typically available at the entry to your local installation Exchange.

Tips from DoDEA:

  • Parents should follow only the DoDEA Europe official guidelines when purchasing school supplies for their children.

  • Each school may provide additional guidance to the parents on what to buy for their student that is more “grade specific”. These lists are normally provided to the installation exchange, published on social media, and shared in school newsletters before school starts.

  • Additionally, teachers will identify which items will be needed for their classroom. So please check with your school and your child’s teacher to know exactly what items will be needed, prior to making any purchases.

Here you can find the DoDEA Europe Official School Supply Guidelines for school year 2023-2034.

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