Places of interest near Aviano

Places of interest near Aviano

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published: April 20, 2016

Try not to get wrapped up in your normal daily routine. Italy is a beautiful country with an immense amount of tradition and history. Take time to break the monotony of everyday life and explore the many small towns, dine in new restaurants and taste a different side of Italy. Here are a few well-known attractions worth seeing:

Northern Italy has a few hot spots for those that love to sunbathe on the beach or swim off the coast. Set along the coastline bordering the Adriatic Sea are four beaches, all within 1.5 hours of Aviano. Enjoy sandy beaches, rocky beaches, tourist shops and restaurants at Caorle, Bibione, Lignano or Jesolo.

The city of Venice (Venezia) is a beautiful experience that should not be missed. There is plenty to see, whether walking across the Rialto Bridge or riding in a gondola on the Grand Canal. Walk through Piazza San Marco and visit Saint Mark’s Basilica or one of the many other churches built within the six areas of Venice. In every corner of this beautifully decaying city are astonishing sites and alluring structures sitting peacefully, awaiting the gazing eyes of wandering tourists.

Whether made famous by Shakespeare’s plays set in the city or from recent attention in the movie, “Letters to Juliet,” Verona has been attracting people far beyond its city limits since the completion of the Arena in A.D. 30. The Arena, located in Piazza Bra, was home to gladiator games and other shows for spectators to enjoy. Today, the Arena is still used on a regular basis, providing visitors with a chance to enjoy an open-air opera or city festivals and events. With the one-time purchase of a Verona Card, you can see more than a dozen attractions for free.

Famous for its leaning tower located in Cathedral Square (Piazza del Duomo), Pisa should definitely make your bucket list. Construction began between 1172 and 1173 and took some 344 years to complete. The bell tower’s weight was more than the soil and ground beneath its foundation could handle, causing the tower to lean over time. This impressive tower isn’t the oldest in Pisa, so take some time to explore and learn about the city’s other historical structures.

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