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As you travel through Europe why not check off bucket list items? Run a 5k through the alps, ride hot air balloons, see Tradino the worlds largest fire-breathing mechanical dragon. Here are some exciting and unique events and festivals taking place from July through the end of the year to add or check off your bucket list.


Wine Tasting in the Nostalgic Tram | Mainz | March 23- Oct. 12

Harry Potter the Exhibition | Munich | May 10- Sept. 5

Cologne Pride | Cologne | July 6-21

The Bayreuth Richard Wagner Music Festival | Bayreuth | July 25- Aug 27

Drachenstich | Furth im Wald | Aug. 2-18

Enjoy Germany’s oldest folk festival. This medieval festival and play features a mechanical dragon so large it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. It can move and breathe fire. Don’t miss the Dragon City transform into a medieval wonderland of craftsmen, tents, swords, mead, traders and Bavarian festival food.

Reeperbahnfest | Hamburg | Sept. 18-21

Berlin Beer Week | Berlin | Aug. 30- Sept. 8

Oktoberfest | Munich | Sept. 21- Oct. 6


Impressionism Festival | Normandy | March 22- Sept. 22

2024 is the 150th anniversary of the Impressionist movement, led by some of the most beloved artists like: Monet, Manet, Van Gogh and Renoir. A highlight of the festival is the “Cathedral of Light,” a sound and light show projected onto the famous Rouen Cathedral throughout the summer by the American director and visual artist Robert Wilson.

Picnic in Paris | Paris | March- Oct.

Tour de France | Italy-Nice | June 29- July 21

Les Fêtes de Bayonne | Basque Country | July 10- 14

The Paris Olympics | Paris | July 26- Aug. 11

The Paris Paralympic Games | Paris | Aug. 28- Sept. 28

Reopening Octave of Notre-Dame | Paris | Dec 8-15


The Nijmegan (Walk of the World) | Nijmegan | July 16- 19

This is the world’s largest walking event spanning over four days with over 40,000 participants. Civilians walk 30km daily, and service members walk 40km daily with at least 22 pound rucksacks. On the last day gladioli flowers special to the region are handed out to participants.

Festival Masterly the Hague | District of Binnenhof and Hofvijver | Oct. 21-24

The Amsterdam Light Festival | Amsterdam | Dec. 2024- Jan. 2025


Dolphin Watching Adventure | Estepona Bay | March- Oct.

Tomatina Festival | Bunõl | Aug. 28

About an hour away from Valencia is the world’s largest tomato fight which dates back to 1945. A festival that takes place the last week of August and paints the streets and buildings red. People from all over the world travel to be part of this.  

Castells “Human Towers” Competition | Tarragona | Oct. 5-6

Illes Balears Ballooning Festival | Mallorca | Oct. 23-27


Swiss National Day | Across Switzerland | Aug. 1

Return of Cattle Parade | Plaffeien | Sept. 21

This is one of the best known, traditional Alpine Herdsman festivals, where visitors can watch over 1,000 decorated cows parade down from the mountains and return to village center. 

Fête de l’Escalade: Celebration of Geneva’s victory against Savoyard | Geneva | Dec. TBD


Silvretta Classic Car Rallye | Montafane | July 4-7 

The Kat100- Kitz Alps Trail Run | Kitzbuhel Alps| Aug. 1-3  

World Body Painting Festival | Klagenfurt | Sept. 17-21

Mozart Week | Salzburg | Jan 2025


Ommegang 2024 | Brussels | July 3-5

Brussels Carpet of Flowers | Brussels | Aug. 15-18


Summer Shakespeare Festival | Prague | June- Sept.

Prague Pride Festival | Prague | Aug. 5-11

Signal Light Festival | Prague | Oct. 10-13


The XXI Viljandi Folk Music Festival | Viljandi | July 25-28

Pärnu Film Festival: Magical Cinema Along the Seafront | Pärnu | Oct. 6-13


88th Thessaloniki International Fair | Thessaloniki | Sept. 7-15

International Hot Air Balloon Fest | Thiva | Sept. 27- Oct. 1


Highland Games | Throughout Scotland | May 12- Sept. 14

Puck Fair: Ireland’s Oldest Festival | Killorglin | Aug. 10-12

Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Edinburgh | Aug. 2-26

Hay Festival Winter Weekend | Wales | Nov. 28- Dec.1

Up Helly Aa: Viking Traditional Festival | Shetland | Jan 30, 2025


Verona Opera Season | Verona | June 7- Sept.7

Quintana of Ascoli Piceno | Ascoli Piceno | July-Aug.

Festival del Cinema di Venezia | Lido, Venice | Aug. 28- Sept. 7


79th Duszniki International Chopin Piano Festival | Duszniki-Zdròj | Aug. 2-10

Open’er Festival | Gdynia | July 3-6

OFF Music Festival | Katowice | Aug. 2-4


Medieval Week | Visby | Aug. 4-11

Baltic Sea Festival | Berwaldhallen | Aug. 23-31

Ötillö, The SwimRun World Championship | Utö to Sandham | Sept. 2

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Katie Wells is a writer and mixed media artist with an MFA in Creative Writing. She is passionate about nature, travel, and yoga. When she’s not writing or getting lost in new hobbies, you can find her cuddling up with a latte and her two dogs Zuko and Baymax and Fern the cat.

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