The Deutsche Weinstrasse, or German Wine Route, is a 50 mile stretch of eye candy incorporating low mountains, half-timbered villages and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Its mild climate promotes the flourishing of many species that normally thrive in warmer climes. One of these is the almond tree, which bursts into brilliant pink blossom long before other trees have even sprouted their first green leaves. The juxtaposition of the gray of the still-sleepy vineyards and the rose-hued blooms is a treat for all.

Early spring is the only time of year at which to experience this phenomenon. A drive along this pretty route stretching from the German Wine Gate close to the French border in the district of Schweigen-Rechtenbach to the small town of Bockenheim in the north leads you through prime almond blossom territory. Areas with some of the best blooms include Edenkoben, Gimmeldingen and Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach, and not surprisingly, the latter two organize festivals celebrating this delicately hued time of year.

While we can let you know when Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach’s Rosarotes Fruehlingsfest fest takes place- that’s March 30-31 in 2019 - the date of Gimmendingen’s festivities for now remains undisclosed, as it’s decided by the town based not on the calendar but according to estimates of when the almond trees will be at their peak of beauty. A second factor taken into consideration is that the weather forecast calls for little rain and mild temperatures over that weekend.

Another event to mark on your travel calendar is VinoLumino, held on April 13. On this day, more than 20 wine lounges will light up their spaces in pink and serve up cocktails, rosé wines and almond based treats to the sound of relaxing lounge music.

Even without attending one of the fests, it’s certainly worth piling into the car and driving through the area. If you time your trip for the afternoon, you can experience the quaint villages and sea of pink by day, and as evening falls, the sight of Rosa Leuchten, made up of 23 landmarks, mostly castle and churches, bathed in pink illuminations. Other things to do during the Palatinate Almond Weeks, which officially run through April 14, include guided walking tours, drives through the area in old-fashioned buses, cocktail tastings and much more.

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