A view of a fairytale like castle thats white and brown on top of a hill with trees and mountains in the background

breathtaking scenery of the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle on the hill in Germany (123RF)

If you are a lover of cheese, there is a unique cheese experience at Lehern Dairy Farm in Füssen. It is a must for eating and learning about the history of the the Allgäu regional Alpine cheese. At Lehern Dairy Farm there is a view of the royal castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, the Alps surrounding the valley, and the luscious green pastures where the high-quality hay milk is made. Some specialties include Emmental cheese, mountain cheese and silage-free milk. There are also butters and creams. Watch as professionals practice the art of making cheese and learn about why there are holes in some cheeses.

swiss cheese and emmental cheese with chunks of dark chocolate on a plate with the alps in the backround

Swiss cow cheese emmental, tomme and dark chocolate and mountains village in green Alps (123RF)

If you are a fan of activities with your dining experience, then the Käse-Bier-Weg trail is a must. It is a culinary hike featuring regional cheese and beer specialties. It begins at the Hopfen am See grocery store and ends at Probstener Street in Eisenberg. The route is seven kilometers long and includes a stop at the Lehern Dairy Farm and Maria-Hilfer Brewhouse all while being able to take in views of the beautiful Alpine region.

“Boredom can be found somewhere else” is Landhaus Kossels motto, and I couldn’t agree more. With the peaks of the Allgäu Alps stretching around the hotel in a panoramic view and easy access to the royal castles, this is a lovely area to stay in with rich history and natural beauty. There are museums and various outdoor or leisure activities such as hiking, motorcycling, toboggan runs and thermes. At Landhaus Kossels you can choose from a room or multiple apartment-style suites tailored to individual or family needs. Breakfast is included and dogs are allowed for a small additional fee. You can book your stay at,

Another popular place to stay approximately 50 minutes outside of Füssen is in Garmisch, at the Edelweiss Resort and Lodge, which specifically caters to military members and their families. They match rates to ranks, making it an affordable option for everyone. Edelweiss has guided tours to visit Neuschwanstein Castle as well as other nearby attractions. You can book your stay at,

a snowy view of Neuschwanstein castle in the snow with a long road leading up to the castle

A scenic shot of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany surrounded by snowy mountain forests (123RF)

Gorgeous fairy-tale castles are certainly worthy of checking off a bucket list. Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous castles today as it is said to be the real-life inspiration for Cinderella’s castle in 1950. King Ludwig II was inspired by the areas natural beauty and wanted a new castle built in the authentic style of the old German knight’s castles that he could live in. Originally named “New Hohenschwangau Castle,” it only received its name “Neuschwanstein” after the death of the king. You can also visit Hohenschwangau Castle which King Ludwig II’s father, King Maxamillion II restored after being badly damaged during the Napoleonic wars. The royal family used it as a summer and hunting lodge. Tickets are available to tour inside the well-preserved rooms of both castles at, For music lovers, The Museum of St. Mang’s Abbey showcases Füssen’s violin and lute-making industry. 

A beautiful yellow castle in the Alps on a lightly snowy landsape

Hohenschwangau Castle in winter, Bavaria. (123RF)

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